Never Late, Never Away Chapter 60


She is so honest to her mother.

Even though he knew why the woman married him, he still felt irked and upset when he heard it for himself.

Damn it.

It seemed like this woman could now control how he felt. It was getting easier and easier to be affected by her words now.

“Vivian.” Finnick still did not take the file from her. He continued with a cold voice, “Do you want a divorce?”

Noah, upon hearing this, almost jumped in shock. In fact, he almost knocked the back of his head against the car window.

Vivian was also startled. She looked at him in disbelief. “What are you talking about?”

“Didn’t you marry me to get citizenship?” He spoke slowly and casually. “Since you have already gotten what you want, we can get divorced. You won’t lose your citizenship anyway.”

Vivian’s face turned pale.

H-He knows why I married him.

Well, I probably can’t hide it from him. It is only natural for him to come to this conclusion since he found out about my mother.

As she looked into his dark eyes, she bit her lips and said in a low voice, “Well, didn’t you marry me to get something from me too? Will you divorce me if I’m useless to you one day?”

Finnick did not expect her response and paused momentarily.

Indeed, Vivian is not a foolish woman. She knows why I was in a hurry to get married.

His eyes darkened and he spoke softly. “No.”

Similarly, Vivian did not expect such a clear-cut response. She was stupefied.

Noticing her shocked expression, Finnick added, “Since I married you, you will be my wife forever.”

You will be my wife forever.

Finnick spoke indifferently, but Vivian was so dumbstruck by his words that she could only stare at him in a daze.

“So, Vivian, don’t ever think about leaving me.” He lowered his voice once more, and this time, he spoke to her in a more dominant and assertive tone.

She never thought he would say this to her. A part of her was afraid of this man.

Yet, another part of her felt butterflies in her stomach.

She dared not look at his eyes and avoided his gaze. However, she still assured him, “Don’t worry. Since I married you, I will not betray you as long as you don’t divorce me. Nor will I divorce you too.”

While her voice was soft, Finnick heard every word she said. Looking at her blushed cheeks, he felt the anger in him subside a little.


He knew that the woman married him initially because of her mother’s illness.

It did not matter to him that she had no feelings for him now.

Since they were married, he would conquer her one day.

It was already evening when they reached home. Molly and Liam were not at home.

Vivian did not know whether she over-thought it, but she always felt that Finnick did not like having them around even though he always acted politely towards them.

“I suppose you haven’t eaten yet.” She removed her jacket, rolled up her sleeves, and walked into the kitchen. “Let me whip something up.”

When she opened the refrigerator, she was stunned.

She saw her spaghetti sitting on a plate in the fridge, wrapped neatly using cling wrap.

“Have you eaten?” Finnick also stood up from the wheelchair and positioned himself behind her.

“Yes, I have.” Vivian finally recollected herself. “Let me make you some steak then.”

She was about to reach down for the frozen steak when Finnick stopped her. “It’s alright. I’ll just have the spaghetti from yesterday since I’ll be eating alone.”

Then, he reached for the plate of leftover spaghetti and walked to the microwave.

Vivian quickly caught up. “No, these are leftovers.”

Finnick was picky about food, and Vivian dared not imagine him having the leftovers.

She snatched over the plate of spaghetti, but Finnick stretched his hand upwards and raised his brows. “Why can’t I eat this? I ate this yesterday night.”

Finnick was already much taller than her. Now that his hand was so high up, there was no way she could reach the plate.

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