Never Late, Never Away Chapter 601

“Yeah.” Noah knew that he was talking about Evelyn.

Looking at the focused Finnick, Noah hesitated for a bit and asked, “Mr. Norton, should you go meet Mrs. Norton? Now that you know she was framed?”

Perhaps a meet-up is necessary to resolve their misunderstandings.

Noah didn’t want to go on lying to someone who trusted him so much. He was on the verge of going crazy if he continued hiding the truth from Finnick.

But he did not have the courage to confess everything. He admitted that he was a coward. He did not want to face those predictable consequences.

Finnick stopped whatever he was doing upon hearing Noah. He was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

“Not now. We’ll talk about it later.” Finnick broke the silence and said. “You can get back to work.”

Noah felt caught in between. “Sure,” he acknowledged and left. He was a little hesitant but didn’t stop his pace nevertheless.

Finnick tightened his grip on the pen as he pursed his lips. He was yearning to meet Vivian, embrace her tightly, and let her know how much he missed her.

But he knew he was no right to do that now. He wanted to make Mark pay for the price. He had to take revenge for his dead child and punished every one of them who had hurt Vivian.

Only then would he be able to appear in front of her again to beg for her forgiveness. Yes, I will beg her. As long as she was willing to forgive, he was willing to stoop himself low.

Ever since Mark had come clean with Finnick, he had never been able to live in peace. He tried contacting Vivian, but not only did she not picked up, neither did she try to contact him back.

He wasn’t sure what Vivian meant by ignoring his calls. Would she actually hand his bribery evidence to the police? Mark really wasn’t able to sleep well in the past few nights. Whenever he shuts his eyes, he’d dream of getting arrested and would jolt up from sleep to find himself soaking in perspiration.

Even so, he still saw a glimpse of hope. He believed that Vivian might choose to forgive him since nothing had happened after so many days. After all, he had acted according to her requests.

No, to be safe, he had to come up with a way to get those documents from her.

What do I do to tie up all the loose ends? Mark suddenly had an evil thought. As long as Vivian is no longer around, he’d never have to worry anymore.

He figured he needed to come up with a marvelous plan, one that would ensure only success and no failure.

With that, he finally felt better. He was then able to get a night of better sleep without those frightening dreams. However, a hard bang on the door broke Mark from his sleep at this very moment.

He opened his eyes and got off the bed angrily. Upon opening his bedroom door, Fabian was standing in front of him, looking panicky.

“Why the ruckus so early in the morning?” Mark’s voice was filled with rage.

“Dad,” Fabian couldn’t be bothered with anything else. “The cops are here to look for you. What’s this all about?”

He’d only left for a morning jog and saw a police car coming into the neighborhood. He then took a second look out of curiosity, only to see the car stopping right in front of their house.

Fabian hurried home at the sight of it and overheard the police issuing a warrant to arrest his father.

He was lost as he had no idea what actually happened, but he knew he had to wake his father up.

Mark’s face turned pale the moment he heard Fabian’s words. What else could it be for the police to be looking for him at this time!

It must be that cunning wretch! He was sure Vivian had passed the evidence to the police.

Watching Mark stayed in silence, Fabian got even more nervous. “Dad, please tell me what exactly happened? Why are the cops here for you?”

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