Never Late, Never Away Chapter 602

“Damn! It had to be Vivian. Such a cunning woman who failed to keep to her words…” Mark had yet to finish his line when the police came up the stairs for him.

“You’re Mark Norton? A mister named Finnick has reported that you’re involved in a bribery case. Please follow us back for assistance on further investigations.”


Mark was a little dumbfounded.

It wasn’t Vivian who made a report?

How did Finnick know about it? And what was the reason behind this report? They are a family! Norton Corporation would also be affected if anything were to happen to Mark.

But there was no time to spare. The police grabbed on to him and brought him downstairs into the car.

Fabian could only watch as the police took his father away. He was not able to react to what the police just mentioned.

Bribing the officials? How would it be possible that his father had done such a thing?

On the other side, Vivian was at the magazine company when Sarah suddenly rushed into her office. “Vivian! Have you heard about it? Mark has been arrested!”

“What!” Vivian was a little shocked. How can it be? She could not understand how Mark was arrested since she did not hand the evidence to the police.

Sarah knew Vivian hadn’t heard of this news by the looks on her face. “Go take a look if you haven’t. The news is now all over the internet. Everyone’s talking about it.”

Vivian looked at how anxious Sarah was and decided to turn on her laptop and searched the web for it. News of Mark’s arrest was indeed all over the internet.

Scrolling through the page, Vivian saw more of Mark’s crimes being exposed, including the disposal of toxic wastes in residential areas and adulterating harmful substances in medicinal products and milk powder that were detrimental to the human body.

The comments section was even more heated. The netizens were crazily leaving nasty comments about Mark.

“This bastard is the worst out of the whole lot! How could he even fake medicines and baby products? Is he not afraid of karma?”

“He doesn’t even spare the kids. I’m praying that his descendants will suffer!”

“Woah, let’s not blame the innocent. I’m only cursing Mark Norton. This toxic man will only bring harm to the public. He should be jailed forever.”

“They’re actually using consumers’ money for their collusion to benefit themselves! We need to boycott Norton Corporation and its products! We don’t need such unethical corporations!”

“Who knows where will Mark be convicted? I’m gonna prepare a whole truckload of rotten eggs for him!”

“Oh no! I’ve bought this brand of milk powder for my child. Will there be any problems? Somebody, please help me!”

“Damn, I’m staying in that affected neighborhood. Will I die earlier? What has that jerk been fed with that’d made him so evil!”

Looking at the comments, Vivian was actually feeling rather relieved.

She was glad that the public finally knew what kind of person Mark was. Having caused such a huge commotion amongst the public, he definitely had to serve a jail term. She thought she’d finally seek revenge for Larry and her.

But at the same time, she was a little puzzled. If it isn’t me, who else would have reported Mark? Only Hunter and she knew about this matter. Could it be him? But she figured that he would have informed her about it.

“Were you the one who spilled this, Vivian?” Sarah asked in curiosity. Which was why Sarah would think that way as Vivian had once asked her to investigate Mark.

Sarah was only full of admiration for Vivian. She was just like a heroine who saved the day by having Mark get convicted by law.

Vivian found Sarah’s expression a little funny. “It wasn’t me, but I think I know who did it.”

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