Never Late, Never Away Chapter 607

Once he went in and mentioned Mark’s name, the prison officer notified him that there was someone else paying him a visit.

Fabian had already gone abroad and Samuel was at home. Finnick’s brows furrowed as he tried to think of someone who would visit Mark. But after a moment, he gave up thinking that it must be a friend in the business circle. He then went in the direction the prison officer pointed at before taking a seat and waited.

Meanwhile, Evelyn was actually the one paying Mark a visit. However, she lacked her usual beauty. Instead, she sat before the man with her face as pale as a sheet.

She hadn’t been able to live peacefully ever since she found out that he had been arrested. No one knew Evelyn’s dark secrets and evil deeds in the past better than Mark.

She wasn’t worried about Vivian’s kidnapping as Finnick was a man of his words. Even though he was ruthless when he sent Mark to jail, he didn’t hold her accountable for it. Seems like he’s decided to let me off the hook.

But she felt more resentful than grateful about it. She had paid the price of losing her legs yet all she got was such an unfavorable outcome. I can’t accept this! I will get my revenge on Vivian for everything she has done one day.

What Evelyn was most worried about at the moment was the incident from fifteen years ago. What if Mark isn’t able to handle all the interrogation in prison and reveals everything to the police?

Ever since the man had been arrested, she had been wanting to meet up with him as soon as possible. However, during the court’s sessions, she couldn’t find a way to meet with him without the help of Finnick and the Morrison family. She had been anxious the whole time all because of that.

Hence, this was the reason she came to see Mark immediately the moment he was allowed to have visitors.

I need to prevent Mark from saying anything about what happened before anyone finds out. He must understand what he should play dumb.

“Why did you want to meet me?” he asked impatiently. Unlike Evelyn, he wasn’t anxious and did not want to see her at all.

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have ended up in such a predicament. She’s the one who caused me to go to jail! I must’ve been blinded back then. How could I agree to work with her?

“Mark… Mr. Norton, what on earth were you thinking?” At the sight of the impatient look on Mark’s face, Evelyn became furious as well and couldn’t stop herself from insulting him, “You have betrayed me and told Finnick everything. What good did it bring you? If he didn’t know anything about this, would he have gotten angry and reported you? Who’s the one who ended up falling into the trap you set up? I’m still doing fine here, yet you have ended up in jail. So tell me, what were you planning when you exposed me?”

Nevertheless, he did not get mad and refute even after being insulted like that. Both Vivian and Finnick had forced him into a corner. He had reached a stalemate now so no matter what choice he made, it would be a wrong one.

He was the one who was careless and left his tracks uncovered. As a result, Vivian was able to blackmail him and all he could do was admit defeat.

“Did you come here just to say all these?” Mark asked as he suppressed the anger in him.

“What? So I can’t visit you for no reason?” Her words sounded almost like she was sounding him out. He probably hasn’t said anything about that incident. I might just be overthinking this.

After all, none of us will benefit from this if he reveals it.

“You don’t seem like you’re here just to visit me. It seems more like you have something to ask of me.” The man had a look on his face as though he saw through her. He knew quite well just what kind of person Evelyn was and she would never do anything that didn’t benefit her.

I’d rather believe that money would fall from the sky than to believe that she’s just here to visit me.

The woman’s face turned cold upon hearing that. “What is there to ask of you? There’s no such thing as ‘asking for help’ in my dictionary.”

“Aren’t you afraid that I would expose the truth about Finnick’s kidnapping that happened years ago?” he threatened as he took a side glance at her, an extremely smug smile hung on his lips.

For the first time in days, he was in such a good mood. He was in a difficult situation, so it was rare for someone to come to him, afraid that he would leak a secret he knew.

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