Never Late, Never Away Chapter 610

“Shares?” Finnick sneered. “They are nothing compared to my child!”

“What child?” Mark returned, confused. He had never heard of Finnick’s child. Could it be his bas*ard?

At that thought, Mark furrowed his brows. If Finnick had a child, the Norton family would belong to him entirely. He didn’t want his past efforts to pave the path for Finnick.

“Yes, my child!” Finnick raised his voice. A dangerous gleam appeared in his eyes. “If you and Evelyn hadn’t schemed against Vivian, I wouldn’t have misunderstood and thought she was pregnant with another man’s child! She wouldn’t have lost the child after that!”

Oh, the child is no longer alive. Mark heaved a sigh of relief. Swiftly, terror overtook him. As Finnick’s child was dead, he wouldn’t show any mercy.

“I’m too ruthless?” Finnick scoffed. “I thought I was being too kind. This isn’t enough to avenge my dead child!”

“What more do you want?” Mark questioned fearfully. I’m already in jail. What more does Finnick want? What else can he do?

They had been at odds for years, so Mark knew what Finnick was like. If Finnick refused to let him off the hook, Mark was afraid he might make things worse for him in jail.

Instead of answering him, Finnick demanded, “You were the one behind my kidnapping more than ten years ago, right? Did you try to burn me to death?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Why would that have anything to do with me?” Mark feigned innocence.

Finnick responded coolly, “Do you really think I found nothing over the years?” He continued, “A few years ago, I came to know that you were the culprit, but I didn’t have any evidence. Now, I’ll give you a chance to repent. Will you admit to it? Or do you want me to continue gathering evidence? It’s your choice.”

His voice turned threatening. “If I find evidence to tie you to the matter, I’ll make sure you pay for what you did.”

Mark nearly burst out indignantly. What’s going on today? Why is everyone threatening me in prison today?

Even if I admit to it now, will he let me off the hook? Mark wasn’t foolish enough to trust Finnick’s words. Alas, he had no choice.

After a moment of deliberation, Mark decided to make a confession.

“Yes, I was the one who hired the kidnappers to kidnap you.” Mark didn’t reveal Evelyn’s name as he wanted to protect his son.

“I knew it.” It didn’t come as a surprise to Finnick, but he was still affected by Mark’s confession. After all, Mark was his brother. They shared the same blood.

As his heart sank, Finnick recalled what Mark had cried out earlier. He parted his lips to mock, “I might’ve sent you to jail, but you were also cruel enough to try to murder me!”

Mark burst out laughing. “Finnick, I’ll take back my words. We’ve fought all over the years. I don’t think of you as my brother. We’re no longer a family.”

“Why?” inquired Finnick. “Why did you suddenly try to harm me back then? Don’t tell me it’s because of Norton Corporation.”

Upon hearing Finnick’s question, Mark clenched his fists as a vein popped out in his neck. That was part of the reason but you have no idea how much I hated you! I wanted you dead!

Since young, everyone only had eyes for Finnick. They’d praised Finnick for being accomplished, handsome and smart. Mark couldn’t understand why. Why does he always get the attention!

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