Never Late, Never Away Chapter 611

I put in more effort than Finnick. But why didn’t anyone recognize my efforts? I worked so hard, but Grandpa decided to hand Norton Corporation to Finnick. Why? Am I that bad?

“It’s because I hate you. As long as you are alive, I’ll always be one step behind you. No one ever paid attention to me!” Jealousy shone in Mark’s gaze. “When you’re dead, Grandpa and everyone will finally notice my existence.”

Finnick’s gaze dimmed. “I’ve never thought of getting anything from you. You know that well. I never wanted to take over Norton Corporation.”

In fact, he didn’t mind even if Mark inherited everything.

After all, Finnick wanted to establish his own business.

Yet, Mark never bothered to believe him and insisted on treating him as a rival.

“I know,” Mark gritted out angrily.

Actually, he knew what Finnick wanted.

That was the very reason he hated Finnick.

Norton Corporation was all he ever wanted, but Finnick never gave a damn about the company. Even so, Samuel insisted on handing Norton Corporation to him.

“Why didn’t you fight for it?” Mark growled. “Do you know how much I hated your nonchalance? You never gave a damn about me!”

Finnick was surprised at Mark’s outburst. When he was young, he could sense his brother’s hatred toward him. There was a period where he felt slightly upset because of that. His friends’ brothers would play and mess around with them, but as far as he remembered, Mark had never smiled at him. He used to be bothered by Mark’s actions, but gradually, he got used to it.

Hence, he was shocked by the revelation.

“We have different goals. Why would I fight with you?” Finnick furrowed his brows in confusion.

“Stop pretending. As long as you’re alive, I won’t succeed!” That was the ultimate motive for Mark’s actions. He wanted his own brother to disappear so he could live for himself and proved that he was worthy.

Gradually, it became an obsession.

Finnick stood up silently and spun on his heels. They had different opinions and goals, so there was nothing else he could say. As their fight had gone on for years, it wouldn’t be resolved that easily.

He’s in prison now, so he can’t hurt Vivian anymore. That should suffice.

Perhaps the Nortons are born to be cruel beings.

As he walked out, Mark’s voice rang out behind him. “Finnick, I’ve never regretted my actions. Even if I get another chance in life, I’ll make the same choice. I hate you! I hate you!”

Finnick strode ahead until he could no longer hear Mark’s yells.

Looking up, he realized the weather was great today. A blue sky dotted with white clouds appeared in his sight. The sun shone on him directly. The sunlight should feel warm on his skin, but strangely, all he felt was a chill down his spine.

My brother doesn’t think of me as family.

Meanwhile, the only woman I want to form a family with had left me because of what I did.

Mark watched angrily as Finnick walked out of the visiting room. Finnick could come and go as he please, but what about me? When can I leave this damned place?

After the prison guard brought him back to his cell, he sat down, utterly disheartened.

What have I gained from the fight? I’ve lost everything. I’m no longer Finnick’s opponent. He’s no longer the innocent young man who I could control.

When did I start losing?

Perhaps I’ve lost the moment I planned that kidnapping.

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