Never Late, Never Away Chapter 612

Mark couldn’t help but think about the events of the past. It happened a long time ago, but he remembered every bit of detail clearly.

As far as he could remember, Samuel had always adored Finnick. The old man would satisfy his every request as long as it was adequate.

At first, Mark wasn’t bothered as Finnick was the youngest son in the Norton family. His parents were dead, so it was normal for Samuel to shower him with love. However, as time ticked by, Mark grew increasingly annoyed by his brother.

Finnick grew up to be an accomplished adult. Hence, Mark felt threatened by his brother.

Thud! Mark’s kick landed on the chair in front of him. Even after venting his frustration, he still felt anger thrumming through his veins.

It all started at Norton Corporation’s company annual dinner ten years ago. All employees and board members were there. Samuel brought Finnick to that party. He wasn’t bothered, since Finnick was a Norton, after all. To his surprise, the old man even introduced Finnick to everyone formally. When Mark entered the company, Samuel only introduced him to a few board members.

Hence, Mark flew into a fit of rage when he realized his grandfather was telling everyone that Finnick would be his successor.

He could still remember how infuriated he was. As he thought he was far better than Finnick, he couldn’t understand why everyone’s attention was on Finnick. Even the employees were all sucking up to him!

Back then, he got so livid and decided to take action against Finnick. After working his way up to his current position, he refused to let Finnick take over his position easily.

Before he could come out with a plan, Samuel’s actions shocked him to the core.

After introducing Finnick at the company annual dinner, Samuel started bringing Finnick to various business meetings. In less than two months, most companies who collaborated with Norton Corporation frequently got to know of Finnick’s existence.

He knew if this were to go on, he’d lose the fight.

Under such circumstances, he came up with a horrible plan—to kidnap Finnick. If Finnick disappeared from the face of earth, Mark would be the only successor of Norton Corporation.

The moment this idea planted itself in his head, it refused to budge. In the end, he contacted a bunch of thugs and hired them to kidnap Finnick.

However, Samuel protected Finnick too well. The kidnappers kept an eye on Finnick for over two months, but they failed to find a loophole.

Gradually, Mark grew increasingly annoyed and more determined to kill Finnick. After all, Samuel had never hired bodyguards to protect Mark.

Mark might be determined, but there was no progress at all. No matter how impatient he was, he had no choice but to wait for a chance.

However, he couldn’t drag on for long. If Finnick discovered someone was after him, he might be alerted and the plan might be exposed.

Mark was at his wits’ end when a young girl came to him. It was none other than Evelyn Morrison.

As Evelyn was Finnick’s girlfriend, Mark had heard of her. They were madly in love and it was impossible to not know who she was.

“Mr. Norton, I’m here to partner up with you. Are you interested?” Evelyn was straightforward.

“What is it?” returned Mark, puzzled. Back then, he had no idea why Finnick’s girlfriend would come to him.

Without hesitation, Evelyn revealed everything. “Recently, Morrison Group ran into some trouble. I hope you can help us. In return, I’ll help you kidnap and dispose of Finnick so you’ll be the only successor of Norton Corporation.”

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