Never Late, Never Away Chapter 613

“What are you talking about?” Mark feigned innocence. Deep down, he was panicking. How did Evelyn find out about this?

“Mr. Norton, you’ve recently arranged some of your men to tail Finnick, right?” A disdainful smile flitted across Evelyn’s lips. She didn’t know he’d be such a coward. “I saw them meeting up with you. Mr. Norton, are you still going to deny everything?”

“When was that?” Mark jolted up at once. As he was careful enough to meet up with those men in secret, he had no idea someone else would see them.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Norton. I won’t tell anyone about this. But, you have to agree to my condition,” answered Evelyn. She made her way to the sofa and sat down.

Mark pondered over her words and voiced his doubts. “Aren’t you Finnick’s girlfriend? Why would you help me get rid of him?”

“For my family, of course. He is nothing compared to my family’s business. I think you understand that well, Mr. Norton.”

Evelyn’s smile made Mark extremely uncomfortable. Is she mocking me for sacrificing my brother for the sake of Norton Corporation?

That was what he thought, but he still took Evelyn’s offer into consideration. With her help, he’d be able to kidnap Finnick easily. Norton Corporation would end up in his clutches if Finnick got out of his way.

Hence, he decided it would be fine to help the Morrison family get past this hurdle.

“What is your plan?” he asked Evelyn.

Immediately, Evelyn let out a smug smile. He has decided to work with me.

After explaining her plan to Mark, Evelyn added, “I have another condition. The ransom from this kidnapping will be mine. I will pretend to perish in the fire and leave the country with the ransom.”

Mark couldn’t help but be astounded by how ruthless the girl was. He knew how much Finnick adored her, but she obviously didn’t give a damn about him.

However, their relationship had nothing to do with him. As long as Evelyn was on his side, she could be as ruthless as she wanted.

“No problem. But you have to promise me not to return to the country ever again.” The ransom meant nothing to Mark. All he cared for was the plan to be a perfect one.

“Deal!” Evelyn agreed. That was within her plan, anyway. She had no plan to come back here.

With Evelyn’s help, Finnick’s kidnapping went on smoothly. However, he escaped in the end.

Mark was delighted as he had achieved his goal. Finnick was a cripple and no longer posed a threat to Mark.

As the vivid memories flashed across his mind, his face contorted with anger. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect Finnick was only pretending to be a cripple and that he himself would end up in jail.

After calming down, fear rose in his heart. At the thought of how young Evelyn acted so ruthlessly back then, he shuddered.

It had been years since we last met, so I believe her wickedness is greater now than ever before. Fabian is no match for her.

At that thought, Mark vowed to bury the secret deep down forever. After all, nothing was more important than his son’s life.

Finnick returned to his company. To his surprise, Samuel was waiting for him in his office.

“Grandpa, why are you here?” he greeted the old man politely.

Simmering with anger, Samuel demanded, “What a stupid question? How could you expose your brother’s wrongdoings and send him to jail? No matter what, he is still your brother!”

Samuel had just found out that Finnick was the one who reported Mark’s bribery to the authorities. He knew both siblings were at odds, but it beggared belief how things could have gotten this bad.

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