Never Late, Never Away Chapter 614

Mark was sent to prison after the fake product scandal blew up. Even after his release years later, his career would be in ruins.

They were both his grandsons. Samuel was fonder of Finnick, but he still cared for Mark. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed the latter to run Norton Corporation for years.

My brother? Finnick sneered inwardly. If Mark thinks of me as a brother, we wouldn’t be this estranged. He has pushed me into a corner!

“Grandpa, I told you how Mark kidnapped Vivian back then, right?” Pain appeared in Finnick’s gaze. That incident was etched in his heart.

Oh, it’s because of that. Samuel’s anger faded away as he said solemnly, “I know it was Mark’s fault. But it happened a long time ago. It’s useless to pursue the matter now. You can’t—”

“Grandpa, Vivian wasn’t raped back then,” Finnick interrupted his grandfather in a low voice.

Taken aback, Samuel blurted out, “Isn’t that a good thing? Vivian was spared after all. Why did you…”

He trailed off suddenly as a thought occurred to him. The baby!

If Vivian wasn’t raped back then, that means she was pregnant with Finnick’s child! But why did Finnick assume she had been raped?

As the questions swirled around in Samuel’s mind, he gazed at Finnick sternly. “What exactly happened then? If Vivian hadn’t been raped, why would you have misunderstood the situation?”

Tamping down the bitterness in his heart, Finnick revealed how Evelyn and Mark schemed to kidnap Vivian. After their plan failed, they paid the doctor to lie, saying Vivian had been raped.

“Seriously?” Samuel struck the ground with his cane furiously. He couldn’t believe that Mark partnered up with Evelyn to do something this horrible.

After the initial anger, Samuel recalled Vivian’s child. “Then, what about the child Vivian was pregnant with? Did she give birth to the child?”

Back then, Vivian got a divorce from Finnick and left the country. Samuel thought she wasn’t pregnant with Finnick’s child, so he didn’t keep an eye on her.

Upon hearing his question, Finnick lowered his head in despair.

If the child was born, perhaps Vivian and I will still be together.

Finnick found out that Vivian’s supposed rape was faked, but he didn’t know how she nearly lost her child.

It was Evelyn who ordered Noah to do that. She never told anyone about it, including Mark. Hence, Finnick thought Vivian hated him as he caused her miscarriage.

He had no idea Vivian hated him because she thought he wanted her child dead.

“What happened?” Seeing his reaction, Samuel had a sinking suspicion, but he refused to acknowledge it and hoped to hear a different answer from Finnick.

It took Finnick a while to reorganize his thoughts. “Back then, I kept persuading Vivian to abort the baby, but she refused to listen to me. After that, she had a miscarriage.”

Samuel staggered backward at the answer, which was within his expectation. Finnick hastily held his grandfather and brought him to the sofa.

“What a tragedy! Mark is indeed a beast!” Samuel roared indignantly. The great-grandchild whom he had been waiting for years was indirectly murdered by Evelyn and Mark.

“Grandpa, please don’t get too upset.” Tears prickled at Finnick’s eyes, but he forced back his sorrow and comforted Samuel.

“I’ve misunderstood your intentions,” said Samuel. He gazed at Finnick guiltily. “I can understand why you sent that b*stard to jail. He was utterly ruthless!”

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