Never Late, Never Away Chapter 615

Looking into Samuel’s eyes, Finnick announced sternly, “Grandpa, I admit that I reported Mark to the authorities to avenge Vivian and our child, but I didn’t make it up to frame him.”

He stood up and went to his desk. After retrieving a folder from his drawer, he handed it to Samuel.

“Grandpa, this is a compilation of the crimes Mark has committed all over the years. You can read it. I didn’t frame him for something he didn’t do.”

Samuel took the folder from him and read it carefully.

He was quivering with anger by the time he reached the last page. Forced demolition, selling counterfeit medicine, and using harmful food additives were among some crimes Mark had committed over the years behind Samuel’s back.

“Well, he deserves to be locked up in jail. I hope he can learn his lesson there,” said Samuel dolefully.

As the saying goes, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” As both his grandsons lost their parents at a young age, it was his fault that Mark did all those terrible things.

Samuel gazed at Finnick. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost my temper before getting to know the truth. It was all my fault.”

“Don’t say that, Grandpa,” answered Finnick hurriedly. “It isn’t your fault. We were too immature and made you upset.”

Samuel’s lips curled up in a contented smile as the sadness in his gaze faded away. After all, it was no use crying over spilt milk. At his age, he had seen all kinds of things, so he could remain calm.

“Let’s not talk about that. What will you do now?” queried Samuel. “You know that it was all a misunderstanding. Why didn’t you beg for Vivian’s forgiveness?”

Anguish glowed in Finnick’s eyes. “I have chosen not to trust her back then. I don’t deserve her.”

If he had trusted her back then, they’d still be together now as a happy family of three. Finnick couldn’t even forgive himself, so he dared not ask for Vivian’s forgiveness.

After hearing his words, disappointment filled Samuel’s heart.

“How could you think that way? As a man, you should admit your mistake bravely. You need to pursue Vivian and make it up to her for the rest of your life.”

Oh, really? Finnick wasn’t sure if he could really court Vivian again. Does she still love me?

Samuel spotted the confusion in Finnick’s gaze and sighed inwardly. Both of them suffered greatly in their relationship, especially Vivian.

Vivian lost her baby because of that misunderstanding. I wonder if she will ever forgive Finnick.

Samuel continued. “Finnick, after all these years, you still can’t forget Vivian. If she’s the one, don’t dwell on the past. Otherwise, both of you will suffer.”

“Listen to me. You should apologize to her and get her back. She’s still single, so I think she still loves you.”

Finnick thought of Samuel’s advice again and again silently before realization dawned on him. Indeed, it was useless to let his imagination run wild here. He’d only find out whether Vivian had forgiven him after he tried apologizing to her. I have to work on that now to win her back.

Even if she no longer loved him, he decided to try his best to get her back. He didn’t want to have any regrets.

Hope fluttered in Finnick’s heart as he recalled how Vivian’s gaze was full of emotions when he tried to explain to her on the cruise ship. Perhaps Grandpa is right. Vivian still loves me.

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