Never Late, Never Away Chapter 616

The doubts in Finnick’s heart disappeared without a trace. I need to see Vivian right now.

“Grandpa, I got it. I’ll go meet her now.” With that, Finnick spun on his heels and left his office without waiting for his grandfather’s reply.

Samuel knew he was in a hurry and didn’t mind his hasty exit. Ah, my grandson is madly in love with Vivian. I hope she will forgive him.

After leaving the company, Finnick drove his car and sped to Vivian’s magazine company.

At the entrance, he ran into someone familiar. If I recall correctly, her name’s Sarah, right? I’ve heard Vivian mention her name before. They should be on good terms.

“Hello. May I know where Vivian is?” Finnick went to her and asked anxiously.

Sarah knew who Finnick was and she was so shocked. Why is he here? Instinctively, she pointed at Vivian’s office.

“Thank you!” He thanked her gratefully and dashed to Vivian’s office.

Sarah only regained her composure when Finnick disappeared from her gaze. That was Finnick! Upon recalling how Finnick dumped Vivian five years ago, fury and regret flashed across her gaze.

That scoundrel! I should’ve kicked him out. Why did I tell him where Vivian’s office is? He appeared out of a sudden.

At the same time, when everyone else in the magazine company saw Finnick, they burst into an uproar.

“Are my eyes deceiving me? That was Finnick Norton, right?”

“Why is he here for Ms. Morrison? I thought they had gotten a divorce?”

“Don’t tell me they are getting back together.”

“There was rumor saying Finnick had a lover for the past five years, right? What is going on?”

“Do you think Ms. Morrison still likes him? Will they argue in her office?”

“Ms. Morrison is currently single. So is Finnick. Perhaps they will end up together in the end.”

“Huh? How can you be sure Ms. Morrison is single?”

“Are you blind? If she’s in love, she’ll exude an air of bliss. Does she look blissful now?”

The employee who asked the previous question was stunned. An air of bliss? What the heck?

Finnick came to a stop outside Vivian’s office and knocked on the door hastily. He had heard the other employees’ discussion, but he couldn’t be bothered. Right now, he had to meet Vivian and beg for her forgiveness.

“Vivian!” he exclaimed when the door opened. To his surprise, Benedict’s figure appeared behind the door. Benedict was clearly startled to see Finnick, too.

His expression darkened immediately. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“I’m here for Vivian. I need to talk to her,” replied Finnick in determination.

Benedict watched how his sister suffered over the years after what Finnick did to her. Hence, he refused to let the man come in. “Vivian doesn’t want to—”

Before he could finish, Vivian cut him off. “Ben, let him in.”

As Vivian had spoken, Benedict shifted sideways so Finnick could enter her office. However, his gaze remained wary.

If Finnick dares to harm Vivian, I’ll definitely make him pay!

Compared to Benedict’s wariness, Vivian seemed calm. She knew Finnick would come to her soon. After all, he had sent Mark to jail.

Finnick strode to Vivian’s desk and stood in front of her. Finally, he saw the woman he had been yearning to see for years. Vivian exuded an intimidating presence with the black suit she had on. There was a stern look on her face.

“Ben, can you leave us alone? I need to talk to him in private,” said Vivian as she glanced at Benedict with a cheerful grin.

“Vivian…” came Benedict’s hesitant reply.

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