Never Late, Never Away Chapter 617

Benedict was clearly worried about her, so Vivian flashed a comforting smile. “I’m fine. Please close the door behind you.”

Under Vivian’s insistence, Benedict agreed. Before leaving, he reminded her. “Call me if you need me. I’ll be right downstairs.”

When they were both left alone in the office, Vivian finally looked up and spared Finnick an icy glance. “Why are you here?”

Finnick felt his heart clenched in pain at how indifferent she was to him. She still treats others the same like before, but we’re practically strangers now.

Finnick snapped back to reality and gazed at Vivian. “Vivian, I’m here to apologize to you. I’m sorry for having misunderstood you back then.”

Remorse filled his gaze. Vivian must’ve been so upset back then as I didn’t trust her.

As he recalled how he persuaded Vivian to abort the baby again and again, Finnick wanted to punch himself in the face. When she found out about her miscarriage, she must’ve been heartbroken. That was why she sent me the divorce agreement and left the country without saying goodbye.

I didn’t know anything, so she went through the ordeal alone. I’ve failed miserably as a husband and a father!

“What did you misunderstand?” Vivian inquired. It was a question she clearly knew the answer to.

“Mark told me everything. Those men didn’t rape you. I’m really sorry for not trusting you, Vivian. It was all my fault.” He implored, “Can you please forgive me?” He looked at her with pleading eyes.

Yet, Vivian was unfazed. “Finally, you realized that child you insisted on getting rid of was yours.”

As Larry was alive and well, Vivian didn’t seem to be upset. Finnick, who had no idea of his son’s existence, was devastated.

“Vivian, I’m sorry. Our child…” he trailed off helplessly. “I’m sorry. It was all my fault.”

Apart from offering his apology, he did not know what else to say.

Reaching out, he tried to take Vivian’s hand, but the latter dodged his touch. Does he think a simple apology is enough to make up for the past five years’ absence and torment?

Finnick held back his pain and proclaimed, “Vivian, I’ve already looked into it. Mark and Evelyn were the ones who framed you. I should’ve trusted you back then.”

“Isn’t it pointless to say that now?” Vivian lowered her gaze. So what? We can never return to the past.

Finnick was stunned by her reply. Pointless?

He took a deep breath and told Vivian earnestly, “Vivian, I’ve taught Mark a lesson. After gathering the evidence about his past crimes, I have handed everything to the authorities. He’s in jail now to atone for his sins. He’ll be locked up for at least eight years.”

Finnick wasn’t trying to get into Vivian’s good books. “I’ve taken revenge for you and our child,” he concluded.

As Finnick had sent his brother to jail, Vivian would be lying if she said she wasn’t moved by his actions. However, there was still another culprit.

“What about Evelyn? I believe Mark told you about her involvement,” uttered Vivian coolly.

“How did you know about that?” Finnick returned in puzzlement. Why did Vivian know that I met up with Mark?

Vivian responded, “That’s because I was the one who told him to meet up with you.” She paused before explaining, “I have dirt on him and used that to force him to tell you the truth.”

Oh, I see. Realization dawned on Finnick’s face. No wonder Mark spilled everything to me without hesitation.

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