Never Late, Never Away Chapter 618

As Finnick remained silent, Vivian’s lips curled up into a smirk. “What’s wrong? Are you suspecting me of framing Evelyn again?”

Finnick was rather hurt by her mocking tone, but he couldn’t find any words to refute her.

After all, he had trusted Evelyn’s lies and lost Vivian’s trust. The only thing he could do now was to offer his most sincere apology.

“Vivian, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have believed Evelyn back then. I promise I’ll never doubt you again from now on.”

From now on? Do we even have a future? That thought popped up in Vivian’s mind.

“Vivian, Evelyn became a cripple because of me. She has paid dearly for her actions. Let’s just let her off this time, alright?” cajoled Finnick.

Finnick saw firsthand how Evelyn struggled to survive over the years. She wasn’t even half of what she used to be. Evelyn used to be a popular designer, but after she lost the ability to walk, her career went down the drain.

As he was the cause of her disability, Finnick couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. He still hated her for what she did, but guilt washed over him whenever he remembered how she had gotten into this state.

I’ll think of it as returning her favor this time. From today onward, we both owe each other nothing. But if she hurts Vivian again, I’ll make sure she pays for her actions.

Alas, Vivian couldn’t read his mind. When she heard him defending Evelyn, anger welled up in her chest.

Ha! Finnick is still defending Evelyn. Right, I nearly forgot that they were childhood sweethearts. They have been together for the past five years. The more Vivian thought about it, the angrier she became.

If Finnick doesn’t want to pursue the matter, fine. But I will for all her evil deeds on me and Larry. I must make her get a taste of her own medicine!

But of course, she didn’t say that out loud. Tamping down her irritation, Vivian put on a cool front. “I know. You can leave now. I need to get back to work.”

Since Evelyn was more important to Finnick, there was no need to continue their conversation.

Yet, Finnick refused to leave. He inched nearer to Vivian and said, “Vivian, it was all my fault. Will you forgive me? Can we get back together?”

His gaze was earnest. Will she forgive me?

Get back together? Vivian nearly burst into laughter at his ignorance. Does he seriously think I’ll return to him that easily? What does Finnick think I am? Am I something he can dump and pick up as he wishes?

Her gaze was blazing when she looked up.

“You must’ve misunderstood me,” she sneered. “I ordered Mark to tell you the truth, not because I want to get back together with you. I merely want you to realize your mistake!”

Sensing her blazing hatred, Finnick stepped back in shock. He nearly lost his balance doing so. The realization struck him dumb. She hates me. She actually hates me now.

Finnick held his breath to stop his heart from clenching in agony.

Before he came, he could imagine Vivian refusing to forgive him or yelling at him furiously just like what she did previously. Never had he expected to one day see smoldering hatred in Vivian’s eyes.

She obviously wished she could burn him alive with her flaming hatred.

At once, Finnick averted his gaze. His eyes were blinded momentarily. However, Vivian wasn’t done with him.

“Finnick, do you seriously think Mark and Evelyn were the only ones who caused our child’s death?” Her words were brutal. “It was also because of you! If you hadn’t doubted me and insisted on me having an abortion, our child would be alive and living well now!”

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