Never Late, Never Away Chapter 619

As Vivian’s harsh accusations rang in his ears, Finnick felt an excruciating pain spreading across his entire being. He had cursed himself countless times for being foolish enough to kill his unborn child before coming to Vivian’s office, but hearing the words from her mouth was an entirely different matter.

He couldn’t handle her accusations, which went straight into his heart like a million iron shards.

“Vivian, I’m sorry. I know my mistake now. I…” Finnick was at a loss for words. He had already offered his sincerest apology, but could it change the reality?

“There is no need to apologize to me,” responded Vivian. The hostility was still evident in her voice.

“You’ve made up for your mistake by sending Mark to prison. From now on, we’ll go our separate ways. You can leave now.”

Finnick panicked when Vivian stated her intention of making a clean break. Are we going our separate ways? No, I can’t do that!

“Vivian, I promise I’ll make up for my mistake. I swear I’ll devote the rest of my life to you. Please, give me another chance!” Finnick went down on his knees and pleaded.

The man had never shown his submissive side to anyone. Right now, he had put his dignity aside.

Guilt consumed him whole, and he was suffocating from the torment.

It had never crossed his mind that one day he’d owe someone this much. Even if he offered her his entire world in return, it still wouldn’t make up for his mistakes.

Vivian gazed at Finnick, her emotions were in turmoil.

The Finnick she knew was a proud man. He had never begged for help, but now he was on his knees to beg for her forgiveness. She recalled the good times they had together.

In her memories, Finnick had always treated her well. He named a charity foundation after her, helped her deal with Ashley and her mother, and consoled her whenever she was upset. The hatred in her gaze faded away as her lips curved up in a smile. We were once a happy couple.

The contempt in her heart was about to soften when she recalled how Noah dragged her to the hospital. The helplessness and despair from then immediately crushed the happiness which had just crept into her heart. Closing her eyes, Vivian chided herself silently.

No, I can’ never forgive Finnick!

So what if we spent many happy times together? Those happy memories were only a tiny part of our relationship. He was cruel enough to hurt me when I refused to obey his words and he even served me with such cruelty. I will never go back to him! Who knows? He might do that to me again one day.

Jumping to her feet, Vivian stepped away from Finnick and declared, “Give you a chance? Then, who will give me and our child a chance?”

Sternly, she announced, “Finnick, my child died because of you. I’ll never forget that. There’s no way I’ll ever forgive you. Leave now!”

“Vivian, I didn’t know the child was mine. If I knew it was mine, I wouldn’t have asked you to abort it.” Finnick tried to explain, but Vivian was having none of it. She shoved him away forcefully.

“So what? That doesn’t mean you can do that to me!” Tears welled up in Vivian’s eyes. “Even if you didn’t know that child was yours, how could you kill him? He’s a living being!”

It was actually a huge misunderstanding, but none of them were aware of it. Finnick thought Vivian was referring to his suggestion of her getting an abortion in the beginning. However, Vivian was actually referring to how Noah forced her to abort her baby.

Tears rolled down Vivian’s cheeks uncontrollably. She spun on her heels and wiped them away. When she turned to face Finnick again, her gaze was indifferent once again.

“I will never forget what happened back then. I can never bring myself to forgive you too. Hence, we can never get back together again. Leave my office. I don’t want to see you again.”

As heavy silence hung in the air, Finnick stood rooted to the spot. A thousand apologies wouldn’t suffice for what he’d done to hurt Vivian.

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