Never Late, Never Away Chapter 62

Even at a regular restaurant, a meal would only get as expensive as a few hundred. Vivian was pretty sure that she needed to make at least a hundred meals to repay her debt.

“Around a hundred?” Vivian replied warily.

Finnick was entranced by the seriousness on Vivian’s face as she mulled. Unwittingly, he smiled a little. “Alright, a hundred meals it shall be.”

“Then what do you prefer?”

“I don’t know,” Finnick replied slowly. “Just cook whatever you are best at.”

“No, that won’t be fair to you.” Vivian thought that she had to cater to her client’s needs if each meal costed around six hundred as she had calculated. “The number of dishes that I know how to make are very limited. How about I show you what recipes I have tomorrow? I’ll let you have a tester of those recipes too.”

“Alright then.” Finnick’s lips curled up even more.

The next day, Finnick had a meeting early in the morning although it was the weekend. When he left home, the sun was barely visible in the sky.

After waking up, Vivian got a few recipes from the internet and started to work on them.

From her few days of observation, she noticed that Finnick liked his food spicy. Thus, she decided to try out the recipes for beef chili, buffalo wings, and sriracha grilled tofu.

After working her sweat off for an entire afternoon, Vivian was finally done with the beef chili. She took a picture of it and sent it to Finnick on WhatsApp to see whether he liked it.

Inside the meeting room of Finnor Group.

The managers from each department were taking their turns to report their results.

“That sums up our outcome for this quarter.” The middle-aged man wiped the sweat off his forehead as he spoke with his heart in his throat, “Are you satisfied with it, Mr. Norton?”

Finnick’s slender fingers flipped through the documents in his hand. There was a bleak expression on his face. “Do you really think I’ll be satisfied with this kind of results?”

Everyone was covered in cold sweat.

“M-May I know what is the problem?”

“Everything,” Finnick spat bluntly before tossing the document back at his employee. He uttered without an expression on his face, “Redo.”

The whole room fell silent.

That was Finnick Horton. His disability did not impede his career ambitions. His sharp decision-making skills and accurate judgment were what transformed into a powerhouse.

“Yes, Mr. Norton!” The middle-aged man trembled as he returned to his seat with the document. Just as the next manager was about to make his report, someone’s phone sounded.


The crisp notification ringtone broke the silence of the room.

Everyone’s face was as white as paper. They exchanged glances with each other in anxiety.

Who’s so daring to not put their phone on silent during a meeting?

As everyone was still trying to read each other’s expression, Finnick nonchalantly looked at his phone screen that lit up.

The WhatsApp message that came in seconds ago was from Vivian. She sent a few pictures.

Finnick swiped across the screen to unlock his phone. He saw the few dishes Vivian made and also a message from her.

Which one of this would you like?

At the end of the sentence was a quirky emoji.

Inside the meeting room, everyone realized that the phone that beeped earlier belonged to Finnick and not anyone else.

They exchanged a glance with one another in disbelief.

Finnick was a workaholic. He only used his phone for work purposes. Everyone was thrown off by the fact that such a man was checking his WhatsApp in a meeting.

Before everyone could recover from the shock, something even unbelievable happened.

Finnick’s thin lips were curled upwards.

Everyone caught Finnick’s slight smile and felt as if they were struck by lightning. Their eyes widened in astonishment.

Our tiger boss is smiling?

Many of them in the room had been with Finnick since the day the Finnor Group was founded but never had they seen their boss smiling.

Meanwhile, Vivian was still busy with her cooking in the kitchen. She was completely oblivious about the explosive impact the pictures she sent had caused at Finnor Group. After flipping through a few recipe books, her phone beeped.

She hurriedly checked her phone and saw that she received a message from Finnick: All of them.

Vivian thought to herself, Tsk, how greedy! Vivian writhed her mouth and ate the last piece of buffalo wings she made earlier. She was going to make Finnick a fresh batch later.

At night, when Finnick returned home, he was greeted by a tableful of scrumptious dishes. He peeped inside the kitchen and saw the dainty woman still busying herself.

It was an ordinary scene in any household, but to Finnick, it was oddly comforting.

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