Never Late, Never Away Chapter 621

They delightfully cheered in the meeting room because of receiving a compliment from the Chief Editor.

“Vivian, you’re indeed awesome. How could you get the secret information about Mark?”

“That’s right, Vivian. If you didn’t ask us to investigate Mark when he wanted to build a hotel, how could our magazine make an exclusive report about it?”

“Vivian, you contributed the most in our success.”

By the way, Vivian, how did you know that Mark was involved in bribery?” one of her female team members asked curiously.

“Do you know what the sharpness of mind is?” A male team member interrupted even before Vivian could answer, “Having the sharp observation and good instinct are necessary to work in our industry. With that, we can see what others might overlook.”

“Of course, many years of experience and being meticulous are the foundations to acquiring such skills. Well, our smart and gentle Vivian has all the above-mentioned qualities. As such, it’s nothing unusual that she knew about it earlier than all of us.”

“Task!” As everyone glanced at him in disdain, Vivian shook her head because she was amused.

“What do you guys mean?” The male team member pretended to be dissatisfied as he continued, “Are you questioning that Vivian does not have such qualities?”

“Vivian is definitely awesome, but your flattery has improved a lot too.” As Sarah teased him openly, everyone in the room immediately burst into laughter.

After everyone finished laughing and quiet down, Vivian added, “Besides complimenting your effort, another purpose of having this meeting is to decide our interviewee for the next issue of the magazine. Any suggestion?”

Once she finished, everyone was deep in thought to search for an influential public figure. Shortly afterward, Holly, one of her female team members, proposed to interview Hunter Yates.

“Hunter Yates?” Vivian wasn’t sure if she was referring to Hunter, whom she knew.

“He’s a well-known lawyer.” Since Holly thought that Vivian didn’t know Hunter, she began to explain excitedly.

“He grew up overseas and only returned recently. Since then, he has swiftly risen to fame after winning a few difficult cases.”

“Besides, he is good-looking. I met him once when I was reporting news at the court. So, I can prove that he is really handsome. I believe many female readers will be attracted by him,” another female team member chimed in.

“Oh, he is the famous handsome lawyer, isn’t he?” Sarah was also interested and added, “Rumor says that he is very close to a female actress recently, so there are a lot of gossips about him. In that case, he is already popular among the masses. I think he really is a suitable candidate.”

Although Vivian was a little surprised that they proposed Hunter, she basically decided to choose him after listening to their comments.

“Alright, let’s have a vote. Raise your hand if you think we should interview Hunter.”

Once she finished, almost every female team member raised their hands. Besides, a lot of male team members followed suit too.

“Okay. In that case, we’ve fixed our interviewee for the next issue.” Vivian didn’t have any objections, given that a majority of them raised their hands.

“But I heard that he’s quite problematic,” one of them suddenly added, “A few magazines actually wanted to interview him before this, yet he rejected all of them. Would he agree to be our interviewee?”

Everyone was stumped once he raised the issue. Since the magazine industry is not huge, they basically heard that Hunter refused to be interviewed.

“Leave this to me. I’ll arrange it,” Vivian replied. She was rather confident when it came to Hunter.

Vivian and Hunter were considered old friends as they knew each other for a long time. As such, she believed that he would accept her invitation.

Everyone was instantly excited once Vivian said that confidently.

Vivian had gained considerable prestige among them after Mark’s interview. As such, they didn’t doubt her ability to convince Hunter to accept their magazine company’s interview invitation.

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