Never Late, Never Away Chapter 622

“Vivian, are you Doraemon? How can you solve such a difficult problem? You’re indeed awesome!”

At this moment, everyone gazed at Vivian in admiration.

On the other hand, Shannon, who sat among them, was disgruntled. However, she didn’t utter a word, knowing that she had no channel to invite Hunter for an interview.

Humph! You can do it only because the Morrison family is backing you! Shannon looked at her resentfully.

Vivian actually sensed that someone was giving her a “unique” glance” but didn’t think much of it. After all, life had taught her not to care about those who were not related to her.

After the meeting was adjourned, Vivian returned to her office and called Hunter.

“Vivian, why are you calling me?” Hunter sounded excited over the phone.

“I have a favor to ask.” Vivian was a little embarrassed to ask for his help. After all, she hadn’t properly thanked him for lending her a hand last time.

“What is it?” Hunter asked delightedly. Given that Vivian needed his favor, he was excited and couldn’t ask for more. After all, he believed that they could get closer if they had more opportunities to talk.

“I would like to invite you to an interview with our magazine company. Would you accept our invitation?” Vivian asked.

“I see.” Hunter seemed to be hesitant about it.

“Rest assured that our magazine company will not violate your privacy. Besides, I’m sure the interview will help to boost your influence in your field.”

Vivian tried her best to persuade him as earnestly as she could. Given that she promised everyone to arrange the interview, she didn’t wish to disappoint them.

“Pfft!” Hunter was amused by her seriousness. “Alright, I can accept your magazine’s interview invitation on one condition.”

“What is it?” Vivian asked immediately. At the same time, her lips curled into a smile, knowing that the invitation was almost successful.

“The condition is that I want you to conduct the interview,” Hunter let out a wry smile as he said that.

“I only trust you. I mean, I’ll feel insecure if another reporter interviews me. So, I’ll only accept being interviewed by you.”

Vivian wanted to roll her eyes once Hunter finished. Insecure? This isn’t the first day that I know him! How could he have the cheek to say this?

“Rest assured that I’ll remind my colleague not to ask any sharp questions. Is this okay?” Vivian cautiously proposed.

She was actually aware of his feelings for her but didn’t want to face it. She didn’t love Hunter, and thus they could only be friends at most. Therefore, it was rather difficult for her to accept the condition that he proposed.

“Vivian, as I have said earlier, I’ll only accept being interviewed by you,” Hunter suddenly said in a serious tone. Is she still unaware of my feelings even after I’ve done so many things?

As Hunter was insistent on it, Vivian recalled the moment when everyone was excited about the prospect of interviewing Hunter. After hesitating for a while, she finally agreed to it.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

She hung up the phone after confirming the time and venue of the interview with him.

She was supposed to be delighted because Hunter accepted the interview invitation. On the contrary, Vivian unknowingly felt a little irritated by it.

She shook her head to avoid overthinking it and continued burying herself with work.

Once Evelyn was released from prison, she instructed the driver to drive her to the hospital, where Rachel was admitted to. She soon arrived at Rachel’s ward.

“Evelyn, are you thirsty? Do you want some water? Are you hungry? Should we go home now? I can cook dinner for you.”

Rachel was apparently emotional and excited because Evelyn showed up suddenly.

On the other hand, Evelyn was disgusted by the wrinkles on Rachel’s face when she smiled. As such, she felt the urge to turn around and leave. However, once she thought of her plan, she had no choice but to hold back her impulse and stood still.

“I’m not hungry. I just need a glass of water,” Rachel replied while glancing away.

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