Never Late, Never Away Chapter 625

“Yes, tell us what it is about,” Rachel answered on behalf of Vivian.

Although Vivian was a little displeased, she wouldn’t argue with Rachel about it.

“Tell us what it is about, and I’ll see if I can do it,” Vivian replied cautiously. She dared not agree to Evelyn’s request immediately, worrying that she would ask her to do something peculiar.

“It’s definitely within your capacity!” Evelyn wiped away her tears and said confidently, “Since Finnick always listens to you, please plead with him for me.”

Vivian’s expression turned cold once she heard Finnick’s name. I knew that Evelyn wouldn’t be that kind-hearted! It looks like she has been waiting for me here.

“I’m sorry. I can’t help you with that,” Vivian rejected coldly.

“Why can’t you help me with that?” Evelyn got nervous and grabbed Vivian’s hand. “Vivian, Finnick doesn’t want to see me now. He’s mad at me this time. Can you plead with him for me? I understand that it was my fault in the past, but please forgive me.”

Even though Rachel wasn’t sure what they were referring to, tears uncontrollably welled up in her eyes as she saw Evelyn crying.

As such, she began to persuade Vivian, “That’s right, Vivian. If Evelyn did something wrong in the past, I will apologize on her behalf. Can you just lend her a hand?”

Vivian was rather dejected because Rachel didn’t even ask what was going on. How can Rachel play favorites?

“I really can’t help her,” Vivian looked at Rachel seriously and continued, “What happened between Finnick and her is their personal matter. I don’t want to poke my nose into it. Neither do I have the right to interfere.”

“Why can’t you interfere?” Rachel was even more anxious than Evelyn. “Asking Finnick to forgive Evelyn is like lifting a finger. How complicated can their relationship be?”

“It’s not as easy as you think.” Vivian wasn’t sure how to put it into words. “Besides, you should know what happened between Finnick and me now. So, I really can’t help you with that.”

As Rachel wanted to say something, Evelyn suddenly stopped her and added, “Ms. Rachel, since Vivian isn’t willing to help me, just let it go. I’ll have to plead with Finnick myself.”

Then, she turned her wheelchair around and wanted to leave with tears on her face.

As expected, Rachel wouldn’t let her leave. “Evelyn, please don’t go now. Let me talk to Vivian again. She will definitely help you.”

After that, Rachel turned around to drag Vivian over and said, “Vivian, can you please agree to Evelyn’s request? I beg you.”

Vivian was rendered speechless once Rachel said so. Although she could never agree to it, she could hardly reject Rachel’s request either.

As Vivian was in a dilemma, Evelyn said, “Ms. Rachel, I’ll find ways to solve it. Since I did something wrong in the past, I can understand that she doesn’t forgive me. I don’t have cheeks to ask a favor from her.”

Tears streamed down her face again, yet she didn’t wipe them away but let them drop to the floor. At this moment, nearly everyone would feel pity for her.

The next moment, she left the ward even though Rachel stopped her. Rachel immediately caught up with her to comfort her and left Vivian in the ward alone.

She was a little irritated because Evelyn kept hinting before Rachel that she was holding grudges. Is this the real motive that she agreed to donate her bone marrow?

Not long after that, Rachel came back sobbingly and held Vivian’s hand.

“Vivian, I beg you to speak well for Evelyn to Finnick. Evelyn is already pitiful because she lost both her legs. Besides, she likes Finnick very much. If Finnick ignores her from now on, how can she continue living?”

Vivian was bitterly disappointed when Rachel said that. It turned out that Rachel actually knew that Evelyn liked Finnick. If so, why would she say such things to me?

Evelyn had a fallout with Finnick, but he is now my ex-husband. How can she persuade me to convince my husband to reconcile with another woman? This is ridiculous!

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