Never Late, Never Away Chapter 626

Ever since I arrived, Rachel hasn’t shown me any concern. Instead, all her attention was focused on Evelyn. It’s clear that the adopted daughter plays second fiddle to the biological one.

Nevertheless, Vivian explained respectfully, “Not that I refuse to help, it’s just that Finnick and I are divorced. Hence, I have no right to interfere in his affairs and neither do I want to have any contact with him. It’s better to let them sort out the problem themselves.”

Vivian assumed that Rachel would give up after she clearly stated her stance. However, Rachel was still persistent.

“Although you are divorced, your words must still carry some weight for old time’s sake. Why don’t you just give him a call and persuade him to forgive Evelyn?”

When she saw how Rachel was pleading, Vivian couldn’t help but feel conflicted. She remembered that Rachel hated begging. But now, she was willing to lower herself for Evelyn’s sake.

Vivian now felt it necessary to tell Rachel the truth. Perhaps, Rachel would no longer pressure her after learning about it.

Suppressing her bitterness, Vivian asked coldly, “In that case, do you know why Finnick is ignoring Evelyn?”

Rachel was stunned by the question and shook her head. “No matter what it is, he can’t treat Evelyn that way. He should give in as she is a cripple. How can he be so cruel as to abandon her?”

Vivian tried her best to suppress the rage that was swelling within her and explained, “Five years ago, Evelyn got someone to kidnap me and almost raped me. Luckily, Benedict saved me in time and thwarted her plans. Finnick is ignoring her because he found out about this.”

“That’s impossible!” Rachel covered her mouth in disbelief. “How can such a kind soul like Evelyn do something like that?”

A kind soul? Vivian laughed wryly in her heart and she figured only Rachel would think that Evelyn was kind. “Do you think I’ll lie to you about something like that?”

When she saw the intensity in Vivian’s eyes, Rachel had a feeling that she was telling the truth. She wondered if Evelyn really did do something as terrible as that.

“Vivian, let me apologize on behalf of Evelyn. I’m sorry. It was her fault then and she didn’t know any better. Please don’t hold it against her. Now that she has repented, can you help her plead with Finnick to forgive her? Since Finnick is angry at Evelyn on your account, it means that he still has feelings for you. Hence, he definitely will be willing to listen to you.”

Vivian looked at Rachel in shock. “After knowing what she did to me, you still expect me to plead on her behalf?”

Despite having been raised by Rachel, do I really not matter to her at all?

When Rachel saw the sorrow on Vivian’s face, she couldn’t help but feel conflicted. She knew that her request was unreasonable, but it broke her heart to see how sad Evelyn was.

“Vivian, I raised you myself and know that you are an extremely kind person. Hence, I hope you can be magnanimous and forgive Evelyn, alright? Today, you can see for yourself how devastated Evelyn is. She really has repented. Why don’t you help her and she will be eternally grateful?”

Vivian felt as if a giant hole was blown open in her heart and Rachel’s words like an icy breeze that filled the void. It was so cold that it caused her body to shudder.

Even though I am not Rachel’s biological daughter, I have treated her as my mom for more than twenty years. How can she bear to do this to me? Can it be that she only sees Evelyn as her daughter? Then, who am I supposed to be?

No longer wanting to stay, Vivian replied in a choking voice, “Alright. Let me think about it. In the meantime, why don’t you get some rest? I’ll come to see you again when I have time.”

Rachel’s face lit up when she heard that Vivian was willing to consider her request. “Do give my request some consideration and call me when you have seen the light. Evelyn will be delighted to hear the news.”

Why am I the one that doesn’t see the light? Vivian felt her eyes burn.

After reminding Rachel to take good care of herself, Vivian left the ward.

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