Never Late, Never Away Chapter 627

Vivian walked slowly back home as she didn’t drive. As the cold wind blew, it constantly dried the tears that were streaming down her cheeks.

Today, she mourned the loss of a family member figuratively.

After a few days, when Vivian was at work, she received a call from Rachel. She informed Vivian that the test report showed that Evelyn’s bone marrow was a match. With some preparation, they would be able to undergo the operation.

Vivian was delighted to hear the news. Although Rachel’s recent actions had saddened her, Vivian still hoped that she could lead a healthy life.

At the end of the day, Rachel had raised her and occupied an important place in her heart.

“Vivian, have you come to a decision on Evelyn’s matter?” Rachel asked in a probing manner.

Vivian’s smile dissipated immediately as she replied in a dispassionate tone, “Let’s talk about it later. For now, we should focus on your health and get you prepared for the operation.”

“Alright, another time then. I’m sure you need more time to consider.” Rachel was embarrassed to push the matter further.

After acknowledging Rachel, Vivian ended the call. When she looked at the proposal in front of her, she realized that she was too frustrated to do any work.

For the last few days, her gloomy mood had unsettled her and affected her performance at work.

It was under such circumstances that the time for her interview with Hunter arrived.

After preparing the material and questions for the interview, Vivian received a call from Hunter before she had the opportunity to call him.

“Vivian, I’m at your office entrance. Come down quickly.” Hunter sounded excited. “Have you forgotten that you have to interview me today?”

“Huh? No, how could I forget? It’s just…” Shouldn’t I be the one going over to see Hunter instead? Why have the roles been reversed?

“What were you saying?” Hunter asked inquisitively. “Could it be that you’re busy today?”

“It’s nothing. I’m heading down now. Please wait for me.” Vivian ended the call after she replied. She began to feel something was amiss as this didn’t fit the standard procedure of an interview.

However, as Hunter was already waiting downstairs, there was no time for her to overthink it. Grabbing the material she prepared, she hurried downstairs quickly.

The moment she arrived, she was met by Hunter’s glowing smile. “Get in, I’ve already booked the place where we’re going to have the interview.”

“Didn’t we agree to have it at your law firm?” Vivian asked quizzically.

“No, not there.” Hunter shook his head immediately. “After giving it some thought, I felt that law firm just feels too rigid for an interview. Hence, I decided to look for another place.”

“Where?” Vivian wanted to know.

“You will know when we get there.” Hunter kept her in suspense. “Get in first.”

When she saw how mysterious Hunter was behaving, Vivian was both amused and curious at the same time. Whatever. I don’t really care where it is as long as I can get the job done.

Getting out of the car when they arrived, Vivian realized that Hunter had brought her to a high-end restaurant.

“What are we doing here?” She was puzzled.

“Having a meal,” Hunter replied as a matter-of-factly. “Think about it. We can do the interview while we eat. The ambiance will be quiet and romantic, backed by the melodious violin playing in the background. Isn’t that wonderful?”

It did sound like a charming idea to which Vivian nodded in agreement. “Let’s go in then.”

“Sure.” Following behind Vivian, Hunter let out a triumphant smile.

Upon entry, both of them were ushered to a table by the corner. When Vivian saw the table in a dim corner illuminated by the candlelight, she couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

“The light here isn’t good enough. We may not get a good picture for our photo later.”

“Erm…” Hunter hesitated for a moment before suggesting, “It’s alright. When the interview is over, we can find a brighter place for the photo.”

“That works.” Vivian nodded as she had no other choice. “Shall we begin the interview?”

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