Never Late, Never Away Chapter 629

Evidently, Hunter had made a name for himself within the legal fraternity of Sunshine City, right after returning from overseas. It was a testament to his capabilities.

At the end of the interview, Vivian asked a couple of gossipy questions that the public was generally interested in. Such as the rumor about Hunter and wildly popular actress Scarlett Jonas.

“Everyone wants to know if the rumors of you and Scarlett are true?”

Vivian didn’t plan to ask such a nosy question but she had no choice as her readers were very interested in it. For the sake of the magazine’s sales, she had to bow to the demands of the market.

“What rumors?” Hunter leaned back into his chair and asked with his eyebrow raised.

“According to them, both of you are a couple.” Vivian was stung by how awkward the question was, but as an experienced reporter, she hid it well with a natural smile.

Suddenly, Hunter put a hand on the table to support his chin as he gave Vivian a mischievous look. “Does everyone want to know or do you want to know?”

He threw the question back at her.

“The public is interested to know, and that of course includes yours truly. Would you mind to share?” Vivian replied in a professional tone.

“So, it appears that you are curious about this.” Evidently, Hunter chose to hear what he wanted as he smiled faintly. “Since you are interested in whether I have a relationship with another woman, can I say presume that you are jealous?”

“What?” Vivian thought she had heard wrongly. What a joke! Me, jealous? What does that have anything to do with me? In truth, she had hoped that there was something between Hunter and Scarlett.

“I said,” Hunter smiled affectionately as he repeated, “you are being jealous.”

“I think you have misunderstood.” After confirming that she didn’t hear wrongly, Vivian quickly explained, “This is just an interview. Hence, my question stems from our readers’ interest in knowing what your relationship with Scarlett is. It doesn’t represent any personal views of mine.”

“Is that so?” Hunter was visibly disappointed. “If you are interested to know, I’m willing to explain it. But since you aren’t, then there’s no point in doing so. I’m sorry, I decline to answer this question as it has no bearing on my profession.

Vivian was miffed by Hunter’s answer. It’s fine if he declines to answer but why does he have to tease me that way.

Before the interview, her colleague at the magazine had pleaded with her to get the answer to this question, placing her in a dilemma. Since even her colleagues were interested to know, it indicated that the readers’ appetite was even larger.

If Hunter was willing to relate the matter to her, she could use it as a sensational headline to boost the magazine’s sales to new records.

Since she was here for work, Vivian hesitated before requesting, “Just take it that I am the one who’s interested to know. Can you shed some light on the matter?”

“What do you mean ‘take it’? Don’t you really want to know?” Hunter pressed on

Vivian rolled her eyes at Hunter being difficult on purpose.

“Yes, I do want to know. Can you tell me now?” Vivian’s tone was tinged with exasperation as she pursed her lips, which was a habit of hers when she was angry.

Hunter found her adorable when she did that. It was also his first time seeing her react in such a feminine manner, making him wonder if they were making progress in their relationship.

Holding that thought, Hunter couldn’t help but express his delight with a wide grin.

He was now absolutely sure of his feelings for Vivian, who was sitting opposite him right now.

Prior to this, he would be interested in every pretty girl he saw. But now, he wasn’t interested in anyone else other than Vivian. It was normal for him to have ladies throw themselves in his direction. He used to accept their advances but currently, he found them boring instead.

He wasn’t even aware of the moment he had begun to focus his sights on her.

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