Never Late, Never Away Chapter 630

Despite his gradually fading smile, his eyes couldn’t hide their delight. His tone was also exceedingly gentle to the extent one would cringe at it.

“Scarlett has sought my help for a court case relating to a sponsorship deal of hers. Hence, we met a few times and coincidentally had our picture taken. Our relationship is strictly professional. Hence, the rumors out there are untrue. You mustn’t believe them and shouldn’t worry about it too.”

“Why should I worry?” Vivian was puzzled.

“You are all that matters to me,” Hunter declared all of a sudden.

What the hell is this? Vivian’s heart was thrown into disarray by Hunter’s words. Their relationship seemed to be going in a direction that was out of her control.

No, I can’t let this continue. She had no feelings for Hunter, and she wanted to make it clear so that he wouldn’t fall deeper into the relationship.

“Hunter, between us, there’s no…” Just as she spoke, Vivian was interrupted by her ringing phone.

When she checked, she saw that it was Evelyn on the line. After hesitating a moment, Vivian decided to answer as she was worried that it had something to do with Rachel.

“Vivian, are you free tomorrow?” Evelyn asked with a smile.

“Why?” Vivian furrowed her eyebrows.

“If you’re free, I would like to invite you to watch an opera.”

Vivian was unsettled by Evelyn’s invitation and didn’t feel like agreeing. However, the thought of Evelyn agreeing to donate her bone marrow to Rachel caused Vivian to waver. She was still grateful to Evelyn for helping Rachel.

“Alright. What time will it be tomorrow?”

After agreeing on a time, Vivian ended the call.

“Who is it?” Hunter asked when he saw Vivian’s mood change after the call.

“Evelyn,” Vivian casually replied.

Hunter was instantly wary when he heard it was Evelyn who called. “What does she want with you?”

Vivian was touched when she detected the concern in his voice. “She invited me to watch an opera with her tomorrow.”

Hunter knitted his eyebrows deep in thought. Based on his understanding of Evelyn, he was sure that she harbored ill intentions. Therefore, there was a high chance that Vivian’s life would be in danger.

Holding that thought, Hunter raised his gaze at Vivian. “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“What for?” Vivian didn’t agree. The fact that Hunter just confessed his feelings to her had caused her to decide that she needed to keep some distance between them. “I’m fine going alone.”

“Have you forgotten about Evelyn’s scheme for me to get close to you?” Hunter asked. “Only by appearing together tomorrow would she believe that I am serious about pursuing you. Only then would she trust me enough to share with me her plans to harm you. Furthermore, I would also like to remind you to be careful.”

Vivian was moved by Hunter’s words. Evelyn was indeed a huge threat to both herself and Larry. Therefore, she had to remain vigilant.

If Hunter could gain Evelyn’s confidence, it would indeed ease Vivian’s fears significantly.

Nevertheless, despite being aware of Hunter’s intentions, Vivian felt bad for having him do this as it felt like she was using him.

Just when she was hesitating, Hunter raised his hand and smiled at what was behind her.

Turning around in curiosity, Vivian saw a beautiful lady with long hair smiling back at her. No wait, she is smiling at Hunter.

“She is an old friend of mine,” Hunter explained when he saw the quizzical look on Vivian’s face.

Vivian lamented the fact that he had female friends everywhere and they were all gorgeous.

Nevertheless, she felt relieved at what she had just seen.

It appeared that Hunter’s confession might not be as sincere as she thought. After all, he might have even said the same thing to the lady in front of her. He had always been a playboy and Vivian felt that it was she who had taken him too seriously.

With that thought in mind, the pressure she felt eased significantly.

“Vivian, it’s better that I go with you tomorrow as I’m worried about you going alone,” Hunter insisted.

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