Never Late, Never Away Chapter 631

After giving it some thought, Vivian finally agreed. “Fine. I’ll call you tomorrow then.”

“Alright.” Hunter replied with a smile.

“Anyway, let’s continue with the interview. I still have a few more questions for you.” Vivian picked up the materials she brought with her.

After asking a few more questions, the interview came to an end. Vivian heaved a sigh of relief as the interview had come to a successful conclusion.

“Let me send you home,” Hunter offered.

“It’s alright. I can go back by myself, there’s no need to trouble you,” Vivian declined with a smile.

“Vivian, it’s basic manners for a man to escort a lady home. Are you even going to deny me that opportunity?”

When Hunter put it that way, Vivian had no excuse to reject him. Given how direct he was, she would be making an unnecessary fuss by declining further.

“Fine then, sorry for the trouble.” Vivian saw that the sky had begun to darken outside.

“There’s no need to be a stranger with me,” Hunter replied with a smile.

After waving to the waiter to get the bill, Hunter drove Vivian back to the Morrison residence.

As both of them chatted away in the car, Vivian was still on edge as she was worried Hunter would declare his feelings for her again.

However, when he didn’t bring the matter up, it reinforced her belief that his earlier confession was likely made in jest.

“Thanks for sending me home,” Vivian thanked him as she unbuckled her safety belt and prepared to alight.

“Wait,” Hunter called out to her and brought out the roses and gift box. “Vivian, I have painstakingly chosen these and they represent my feelings toward you. So, please keep them.”

“They’re too expensive,” Vivian declined at once. “I won’t accept anything I don’t deserve.”

Well aware of how stubborn she can be, Hunter didn’t push the matter further.

“I understand if you can’t accept the necklace due to how expensive it is. But, I’m sure you have no excuse not to accept the flowers. If you don’t like the beautiful flowers, I’ll have no choice but to bin them.

“I…” Vivian felt conflicted by Hunter’s words and had no excuse to turn down the flowers.

“Alright.” She accepted them from Hunter with a smile. “Thank you.”

“I already told you that you don’t have to stand on ceremony with me.”

After smiling politely, Vivian alighted while bidding farewell, “I’m going in. You should head back and be careful along the way.”

Nodding in acknowledgment, Hunter turned the car around and left.

Looking at the bouquet of roses in her hand, Vivian sighed and felt as if she had a headache.

“Mommy, you’re home!” The moment she entered, she saw Larry rushing over and throwing himself at her.

Kneeling to pick him up, Vivian kissed his face affectionately. “Did you finish the homework your teacher gave you?”

“I’ve finished them a long time ago,” Larry replied as he looked at the bunch of roses Vivian was holding curiously. “Mommy, those flowers are beautiful. Did someone else give them to you?”

Wise beyond his age, Larry was well aware of what the roses meant and wondered if someone was pursuing his mommy. If that’s true, what’s going to happen to Daddy?

“You cheeky little pumpkin,” Vivian couldn’t help but smile while tapping on Larry’s head. She then put the roses by the table without intending to answer his question.

After all, it was awkward to discuss such matters with her son.

“Wow, what did Ms. Booker cook today that smells so delicious? Let’s wash our hands and get ready for dinner.” Changing the subject, Vivian held Larry’s hand as she led him to the dining table.

However, it wasn’t going to be easy to throw him off. As he held onto Vivian’s arm, he asked anxiously, “Mommy, tell me. Who gave you the flowers?”

“What flowers?” Benedict, who had just came out from the study, heard what Larry said as he descended the stairs.

After letting Vivian’s arm go, Larry went to the table to pick up the flowers.

The big bouquet covered his entire face from view. Behind him, one could hear his excited yet anxious voice. “Uncle Benedict, look! Someone gave Mommy a bunch of roses.”

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