Never Late, Never Away Chapter 633

“Vivian, let’s go in my car.” Hunter arrived in less than half an hour and stopped Vivian from going toward her car.

When he saw Vivian hesitating, Hunter added, “If we drive our own cars, I’m afraid Evelyn won’t believe that we are going out with each other.”

After giving his words some thought, Vivian nodded and joined him in his car.

On the way to the opera house, Vivian looked out the window in a daze.

When Hunter saw her spacing out, he wondered if he should make some small talk but decided against it for fear that it would get on her nerves.

When they arrived at the opera house, Vivian’s gaze darkened at the sight of Evelyn who was waiting by the entrance.

No matter the reason for the invitation, she wasn’t going to allow Evelyn to get what she wanted.

When Evelyn saw Vivian and Hunter together, she couldn’t help but let out a triumphant smile. It seems Hunter has made good progress as Vivian seems to be into him. Hmph! She really is a fool.

“Vivian, Hunter, you’re here.” Evelyn greeted them with a smile.

“I hope I’m not imposing by coming uninvited,” Hunter responded with a smile while Vivian didn’t say a word.

“Of course not,” Evelyn replied with a grin. “I can understand when new couples just can’t have enough of each other. In fact, am I being the third wheel here by invading your privacy?”

Hunter only responded with a smile while Vivian didn’t respond at all. After all, the reason she came here with Hunter was to trick Evelyn into thinking that they were both an item.

When Vivian didn’t reply, Evelyn assumed that she had implicitly agreed with what she said. Hence, she was further delighted that Vivian was playing into her hands.

“Alright, the opera is about to start. Let’s go inside.” Just as she spoke, Evelyn wheeled herself into the building while Vivian and Hunter followed behind.

Just when the three of them were about to enter, a man dashed out of nowhere and thrust a knife in Vivian’s direction.

“Vivian!” When Hunter saw the man, his first reaction was to hug Vivian and use his body as a shield to protect her.

“Ah!” the crowd around them was shocked as screams began to ring out through the building. “My God! what’s going on?” “Call the police!” “Run!”…

When the assassin realized he had stabbed the wrong person, he began to panic. Dropping his knife, he blended into the crowd and fled. Everyone was terrified by how vicious he was and no one dared to stop him. All they could do was watch as he disappeared from sight.

When she felt Hunter’s head slumped on her shoulders and his body beginning to collapse, Vivian panicked. How did things turn out this way?

“Hunter, are you alright?” Vivian carefully supported him.

As Hunter’s body began to weigh on her, she carefully lay him down onto the floor while letting his head rest on her shoulder, just when she was trembling all over.

When she saw the knife sticking out of Hunter’s back and blood gushing out non-stop, Vivian was seized with fear. By God’s grace, I hope that he is alright. Or else I will regret this for the rest of my life.

“Vivian, I…” A cold sweat broke out off on Hunter’s forehead as he tried to console Vivian, telling her not to worry nor be afraid.

The moment he spoke, he could feel the excruciating pain overwhelm him, forcing him to grit his teeth to endure the pain.

“Don’t say another word. I’ll call for an ambulance at once. Hang it there. You’ll be alright.” Just as she reassured him, she made the call with her trembling hands.

After reporting her location to the medical officer on duty, Vivian frantically watched as she saw Hunter losing consciousness. “Hunter, hang in there. The ambulance is coming. You have to stay with me. If anything happens to you, I will…”

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