Never Late, Never Away Chapter 639

Why is the elevator so slow today? Does the service department maintain it on schedule?

Staring at the screen with descending numbers, Finnick could feel the frustration swelling within him. No matter what he did, he was unable to suppress it.

The moment the elevator door opened, he rushed out and ran toward his car.

While rushing to the hospital, Finnick’s mine was filled with images of Vivian lying in a pool of blood. Despite being aware that it was bad luck to think that way, he just couldn’t stop himself from thinking them.

“She will be fine. Don’t panic. I can’t let my imagination run wild. She will definitely be alright….” he repeatedly reassured himself. Only then did he manage to get a grip of his trembling hands that were placed on the steering wheel.

Right after he sped to the hospital, he wanted to check with the nurse which ward was Vivian in. However, he was shocked by the scene that unfolded before him.

“Be careful, try and walk slower.” Vivian was carefully supporting Hunter while nagging him, “The doctor said that you should be resting in bed and not moving around so much. What will you do if your wound opens up?”

“It’s not that serious.” Hunter smiled. “I’ll be bored to death if I keep staying in bed. Coming out for a walk has improved my mood. With a better mood, wouldn’t it help with my recovery?”

Vivian didn’t rebut him as she watched his feet attentively. She was worried one wrong step might aggravate his injuries further.

As Hunter’s wound was on one side below his shoulder, Vivian could only allow him to rest one of his arms on her shoulder for support while she circled her arm around his waist. Only by doing this could she prevent him from falling.

Observing the top of Vivian’s head on his chest while feeling the warmth from her hand around his waist, Hunter couldn’t help but smile and felt that getting injured was well worth the pain this time.

However, Finnick obviously had other ideas.

When he saw that Vivian wasn’t hurt, his first reaction was to heave a sigh of relief. However, anger started brewing inside him the very next moment.

Hunter Yates! He remembered the man’s name. Why is he here? From the looks of it, he seems to be seriously injured. Didn’t Noah say that Vivian was injured? What’s going on?

However, all those questions just flashed past his mind in an instant. The only thing that mattered to him now was Vivian’s hand around Hunter’s waist.

Can’t he move around in a wheelchair after getting injured? Must he come out for a walk like this? Given how intimate they are, I wonder how much their relationship has developed.

Just when Finnick was letting his imagination run wild, Noah caught up panting.

Finnick had left before he could even finish his report. Despite chasing after him, he failed to catch up. Hence, he had no choice but to follow Finnick in his car.

Just when he was about to finish his report to Finnick, Noah noticed that Finnick’s eyes were focused on a particular point while his expression was exceedingly gloomy. Following the trail of his gaze, Noah saw Vivian supporting Hunter.

“Mr. Norton, I didn’t finish my report just now,” Noah quickly turned toward Finnick to explain. “Mrs. Norton wasn’t hurt because Hunter had shielded her from the attack.”

Previously, Finnick had gotten Noah to investigate Hunter and that was how Noah recognized him. Looking at the scene in front of him, Noah couldn’t help but wonder if Vivian would be touched by her savior’s actions.

The same question appeared in Finnick’s mind too. No wonder Vivian is taking such good care of Hunter. As Hunter couldn’t bring himself to hate someone who had saved Vivian, the earlier animosity he felt began to dissipate.

However, he was still jealous of the intimate position they were in.

It seems Hunter has protected her. Will she fall for him? Do we still have a chance at getting back together?

While helping Hunter walk, Vivian suddenly felt that someone was watching her. But when she looked up, she didn’t see anyone familiar.

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