Never Late, Never Away Chapter 64

Vivian marched out of Fabian’s office before the latter could make a reply.

Only when she reached the corridor outside did she pause to sigh.

Vivian wondered what had gotten into the mind of Fabian. Not only did he stop shaming her, but he was asking about her mother’s well-being.

Vivian discovered that no matter how viciously Fabian talked her down, he still cared for her, and Vivian wasn’t very comfortable with that.

Vivian made up her mind that she was better off treating her ex-lover as stranger.

Now that Vivian was done with Fabian, she went to Sarah to ask her out for lunch.

Meanwhile, Fabian froze in his original spot as he watched Vivian leave his office.

At that moment, he wasn’t even sure how did he feel about Vivian.

Fabian thought he despised that woman with an unreadable mind. But last week, when he heard that she was only trying to get money for her mother’s illness, he was overridden by remorse.

Having dated Vivian for so long, Fabian knew how important was Rachel William to Vivian.

It prompted him to send a message to Vivian on WhatsApp asking her whether she needed money.

However, Vivian didn’t reply to his text.

Does she already have enough money? Did she get it from those boy toys of hers?

Fabian felt like he was going to lose his mind. The thought of Vivian sleeping with other men for money infuriated him.

He could feel a slow rage brewing within him. He loosened his tie in frustration and stomped to his desk. He dialed in a number on the phone. “Help me look up which hospital is Rachel William in.”

Fabian was enlisting the help of the Norton family’s men who were incredibly efficient. A few hours later, they called Fabian and informed him about Rachel’s whereabouts.

Half an hour after the phone call, Fabian came to the First Hospital in S City with a bouquet of lilies.

Fabian’s eyes gleamed when he found the private ward Rachel was in.

He knew that there was no way Vivian could afford to pay for a private room in the hospital with the soaring medical fees nowadays.

Which guy is helping him?

Damn it!

Fabian repressed the rampant thoughts in his mind and knocked on the door. A frail voice of a woman came from inside. “Come in.”

Fabian entered the room and was stunned by the sight of a pallid and skinny woman on the bed. “Ms. William…”

In his memory, Rachel was a gorgeous woman who attracted men wherever she went. She was so pretty that Fabian didn’t find it a surprise that she was a mistress.

But right now, he almost could not recognize the woman in front of himself.

“Fabian?” Rachel was also astounded by Fabian showing up at her door. The next instant, glee crept onto her face. “It’s been a long time since I last met you, Fabian! You look even more charming than you were! Have a seat!”

Fabian sat down next to Rachel and started a conversation with her. Rachel was always fond of Fabian whom she claimed to have ‘come from a humble background’. As they chatted, Rachel unknowingly brought up the past.

“Oh, you were so nice to Vivian back then!” There was a hint of regret in Rachel’s eyes. “Sigh, who knew the two of you couldn’t make it till marriage. Imagine the surprise I had when I woke up from my two-year coma and found out that Vivian is married to…”

Fabian’s ears perched up right away when he heard Rachel’s words. His face twisted as he intervened, “Who did Vivian marry?”

Rachel was dumbfounded by Fabian’s question. “Wait, you don’t know who married Vivian?”

“I have just returned from abroad not long ago,” Fabian slurred through his words. “I haven’t heard anything about her marriage.”

“Oh, I see.” Rachel’s eyes lost their shine. “Hmm, it’s so hard to believe that there’s still someone who doesn’t know about their marriage given how famous Vivian’s husband is. Perhaps, he purposely tried to keep it low-key.”

Rachel’s words got Fabian worked up. He frowned and questioned, “So who is Rachel’s husband?”

Rachel thought Fabian was just genuinely curious about Vivian’s life. She answered tactlessly, “Don’t you know? It’s Finnick, the president of the Finnor Group. He’s also from the Norton family. How come you don’t know anything about it? Honestly, I am kind of worried.”

Rachel blabbered on, completely unaware of how pale Fabian’s face was at the moment.


Vivian’s husband is Finnick?

“That’s impossible!” Fabian blurted out loud. He jumped up from his seat. “You must have mistaken! How could Vivian have married Finnick?”

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