Never Late, Never Away Chapter 641

As she was his ex, he couldn’t bring himself to do something as cruel as that. Hence, he decided to let stay in a moment of weakness.

But now, he realized that he had shown her too much mercy. A vicious woman such as Evelyn didn’t deserve his pity at all.

The moment he entered, Finnick could hear Evelyn scolding Mrs. Filder.

“Didn’t I tell you that I prefer my food to be less salty? Why did you add in so much salt still? Are you trying to kill me? Do you even want to keep your job?”

Mrs. Filder hung her head in silence. This wasn’t the first time it happened and Mrs. Filder was well aware that it had nothing to do with the food. It was just Evelyn venting her frustrations due to her bad mood.

Her experience told her that if she talked back, she would end up with an even worse reprimand. As long as she stayed silent and let Evelyn say her piece, the matter would just blow over quickly.

“She was hired by me, so it’s not up to you to decide.” Just went Mrs. Filder was almost in tears, a male voice rang out to her rescue.

“Mr. Norton, you’re back!” Mrs. Filder exclaimed in joy the moment she looked up.

When Finnick was still living there, Evelyn would still treat the maids with respect just to maintain her facade. However, ever since he moved away, Evelyn suddenly turned into a different person. She would always nitpick and vent her frustrations on them.

At the rate it was going, she wasn’t willing to continue working there no matter how much Finnick paid her.

“Why don’t you head down first,” Finnick instructed Mrs. Filder as he tried hard to suppress his anger.

“Right away.” As if she had been pardoned, Mrs. Filder left quickly.

She hoped that Finnick would move back into the house. Or else, she was seriously considering quitting.

“Finnick, you’re back!” Unconcerned with what had just happened, Evelyn wheeled herself happily toward Finnick.

Grabbing his hand, tears flowed down her cheeks while her voice sounded pitiful.

“Finnick, please don’t leave me again. You have no idea how lonely it is to stay in such a huge house alone. I don’t even have anyone to talk to. I have repented over my mistake, so can you forgive me?”

“Repented?” Finnick sneered at Evelyn’s words. “Have you really repented?”

“Yes, I have.” Evelyn nodded at once and raised her hand to swear, “I swear that I’ll never do it again. So, why don’t you move back in with me?”

Finnick looked at her swearing hand with contempt. She really isn’t afraid of divine punishment.

“Fine, I promise you that I won’t leave,” Finnick gritted his teeth as he uttered every word. Staring at Evelyn, his eyes were filled with disdain.

However, Evelyn wasn’t sensitive to his words. Instead, she asked in delight, “Really? You’re really staying?”

“Of course, I’ll be staying.” As rage filled his eyes, he pushed Evelyn’s hand away forcefully and raised his voice. “This time, you’re the one who will be leaving!”

Pushed by Finnick, Evelyn collapsed to the ground together with her wheelchair. After struggling to gather herself, she looked at Finnick in disbelief, “You’re chasing me out?”

“Evelyn, when will you stop with your charade? Do you think no one knows what you did?” Finnick questioned her angrily.

What did I do? Did he find out about me and Noah forcing Vivian to have an abortion? Evelyn panicked at once. Who told him that? Noah? That traitor!

“Finnick, don’t listen to Noah. He is just making wild accusations. I didn’t do any such thing!”

As Evelyn desperately defended herself, she crawled forward and grabbed onto Finnick. However, he pushed her away again.

“Why would Noah frame you for no reason?” Finnick roared. “Evelyn, I’ve warned you before not to harm Vivian, or else I will never forgive you. However, I never expected you to hire someone to assassinate her. Since you ignored my warning, I will not show you any mercy!”

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