Never Late, Never Away Chapter 642

What assassination? Evelyn was confused by Finnick’s words. Despite his fury, it isn’t even about me forcing Vivian to get an abortion?

“Finnick, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.”

When he saw that she refused to admit it, Finnick’s anger was further inflamed. “Until now, you still think that I’m a fool! Tell me, was it you who hired someone to kill Vivian at the opera house?”

When she realized what it was about, Evelyn was suddenly filled with courage as she wasn’t responsible for it.

“It wasn’t me. Finnick, you can get someone to investigate. It really wasn’t my doing!” Evelyn retorted as the fear she previously had was gone.

As she was innocent, she wasn’t worried about Finnick investigating the matter.

“Do you still think that I’ll believe you? Who else can it be other than you?” Finnick wasn’t going to believe her anymore. “I had previously planned to let you go. But given how unrepentant you are, don’t blame me for being cruel.”

“I don’t know who it did either but I am definitely not involved.” For the first time, Evelyn felt as if whatever she said would fall on deaf ears.

“Finnick, have you gotten anyone to investigate the matter? Perhaps, that wench, Vivian, has offended someone else and they are retaliating against her? There’s a possibility she did it just so that she could frame me, and make you think that I was responsible. That way, she can sow discord between the two of us. Finnick, you must get someone to find out the truth. This really has got nothing to do with me…”

“Shut up!” Finnick interrupted her as he could no longer stand her protests. The veins by his temples were already throbbing. “Until now, you insist on blaming Vivian still. There’s no hope for you. Mrs. Filder!”

Finnick called for the maid.

She was in her room observing what was going on outside. Now that she heard her name being called, she walked out immediately.

“Mr. Norton, what is it?” Mrs. Filder asked in a trembling voice when she saw how furious Finnick was.

“Gather the others and kick Evelyn out of the house!” Finnick pointed at Evelyn.

“Huh?” Mrs. Filder looked up in shock. Over the years, they had always treated Evelyn as the lady of the house. And now, they were surprised that Finnick wanted her to be kicked out.

“Finnick, how can you do this to me? I don’t even have any family. Where do you want me to go?” Before Mrs. Filder could react, Evelyn collapsed in tears and bawled miserably.

“I swear… I swear that this has nothing to do with me. If I’m lying, may God then punish me.”

Just as Evelyn spoke, a thundering rumble was heard outside. The previously clear sky was suddenly raining heavily.

As lightning streaked across the sky, it illuminated Evelyn’s ashen face. All she could do was curse at the timing of the thunderstorm.

“Evelyn, even God is peeved with you. What else do you have to say for yourself?” Finnick didn’t really believe in divine punishment, but he couldn’t ignore the momentary coincidence.

As he had run out of patience with Evelyn, Finnick stormed out of the house and ordered, “Mrs. Filder, if I still see Evelyn at home when I return, you will have to leave together with her.”

After working there for such a long time, Mrs. Filder had never seen Finnick this angry before. Hence, she understood the gravity of his words.

Filled with thoughts of how Evelyn mistreated her, Mrs. Filder steeled her heart. She walked toward Evelyn and pushed her out of the house in her wheelchair.

“You stupid maid! How dare you do this to me!” Evelyn shrieked. However, due to her pampered lifestyle, there was no way she could struggle against Mrs. Filder who was a lot stronger from the years of hard chores.

Ignoring Evelyn’s tirade, Mrs. Filder locked the door behind her after leaving Evelyn outside. Realizing that she no longer needed to serve Evelyn, Mrs. Filder was filled with a sense of inexplicable smugness.

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