Never Late, Never Away Chapter 643

Evelyn was fully drenched in no time under the pouring rain. Right when she was about to knock on the door, she noticed Finnick’s car driving past her.

“Finnick, I have no involvement in this matter! You must believe me! It really wasn’t me!” Evelyn yelled at the top of her voice.

Noticing that she was soaked to the bones, Noah slowed down the car and glanced at Finnick through the rearview mirror in hesitance. “Mr. Norton, do we ignore her?”

“Just drive,” Finnick said with his head lowered, unperturbed.

Hearing that, Noah heaved a sigh of relief. He accelerated the car, determined to make a clean break with the woman. She only has herself to blame!

Evelyn felt thoroughly hopeless as she watched the car speed away.

What do I do? Finnick truly doesn’t want me anymore. Without the Morrisons, Finnick, and my legs, I have nothing left. How am I supposed to live?

Sitting in the middle of the downpour, Evelyn had no idea where she could go to seek refuge.

How did things get to this point? I’d schemed for so many years. How could I end up in such a pathetic state with nowhere to turn to? Where did it go wrong?

Hurriedly searching through her brains for anyone she could turn to, Evelyn’s eyes eventually lit up with a sliver of hope. That’s right! There’s still Rachel William. She’ll definitely help me!

She wheeled herself around in her wheelchair and found a pavilion in the neighborhood to seek temporary shelter from the rain. Wiping the raindrops from her face, she pulled out her phone from her pocket. Fortunately, the device managed to remain dry and functional.

She scrolled through her list of saved contacts and found Rachel William, immediately dialing it. For the first time, she hoped desperately that the person she used to despise so much would pick up her call.

At the same moment, Vivian happened to be in Rachel’s ward. She had gone to see Hunter Yates earlier and decided to visit Rachel when she passed by the hospital on the way.

“How’s the preparation for the surgery? When is it scheduled for?” Vivian asked in concern about Rachel’s condition.

Rachel patted the back of Vivian’s hand with a comforting smile. “The check-ups are more or less done. Don’t worry. The doctor said I should be ready for surgery at the end of the month.”

All these years, she had lived with the mentality of living one day at a time. Now that a hope to live was within her grasp—one that was given to her by her daughter—she was naturally exhilarated.

“It’s great that Evelyn has agreed to save you.” Vivian felt much better seeing Rachel’s smile.

No matter what, it was still a piece of good news. Rachel had raised her since birth. She naturally wished for her to be able to live as long as possible.

At the mention of Evelyn, Rachel was full of joy. The smile on her face deepened. “Yeah. That child, Evelyn, still regards me as her mother in her heart. She wouldn’t let me suffer.”

Vivian couldn’t help feeling dejected when she heard Rachel speaking in a pampering tone. She forced a smile in response and lowered her head. In the eyes of Rachel, Evelyn would always be the best.

“I’ll pour you a glass of water.” Vivian turned to walk toward the water dispenser. Taking the opportunity, she discreetly wiped at her eyes. Even though she’d long accepted that fact, her heart would still feel sour regardless.

As Rachel stared at Vivian’s back view, she abruptly recalled something. “Vivian, I saw the news yesterday. You ran into a thug at the entrance of the opera house and even got injured. What exactly happened?”

Hearing that, Vivian’s movements paused. An uninhibited thought surfaced in her head. She wanted to know if she could still measure up to Evelyn in Rachel’s heart.

Passing the glass of water to Rachel, Vivian took a seat and said, “That afternoon, Evelyn invited me to the opera house to watch opera. I agreed, but I never expected something like that to happen to me. Thankfully, a friend of mine blocked the knife for me. Otherwise, I would be the one lying in the hospital bed right now.”

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