Never Late, Never Away Chapter 645

Rachel shoved Vivian’s arm away before the latter could say a word. “Don’t stop me! It’s raining so heavily outside. Evelyn’s unable to walk! Who knows if she’s drenched? I must get to my pitiful daughter right away!”

At that point, Vivian was no longer bothered about Rachel’s prejudiced behavior. She tugged at Rachel once again and said quickly, “Your body’s unwell. Even if you get there, you might not be able to take her back. Tell me where she is. I’ll go.”

Recalling that Evelyn said she was outside the Norton family’s villa, she relented. After all, Vivian had once lived there and would certainly be more familiar with the area than she would. She grabbed Vivian’s hand and cried, “Evelyn said she’s outside the Norton family’s villa. Vivian, you know the place better than I do. You must promise me to bring her back!”

“I know, I know,” Vivian answered anxiously. “Stop crying. I promise you. I’ll bring her back in one piece.”

“Ignore me. Just hurry up and go!” Rachel pushed Vivian out of the ward as she spoke. “Go pick her up quickly! The longer you take, the more she’ll have to suffer.”

“All right, I got it. Stay in the hospital and don’t go anywhere,” Vivian instructed worriedly. She left hurriedly as soon as she took her bag from the ward.

“Vivian! You must bring Evelyn back safely!” Hearing Rachel’s guttural yell from behind, she tolerated the bitterness and never turned around.

As she drove to Finnick’s villa, she tried to process what she heard earlier. Why would Evelyn be chased out by Finnick? Did he find out that she tried to assassinate me? If that’s the case, then the trap I designed for Evelyn seems to have begun working.

Vivian sped up the car, unwilling to think any further. She had never once wanted to see Evelyn as eager as she did then.

Her heart welled up with mixed feelings when she neared Finnick’s villa and recognized the scenery she was once so familiar with. Her mind couldn’t help but flash with images of the times she used to live there.

Shaking her head, she told herself that it wasn’t the time to be reminiscing and focused solely on searching for Evelyn.

There! After driving in circles for a while, she finally spotted Evelyn—who seemed to have fainted—in a pavilion.

She quickly found a spot nearby to park her car and ran in the rain toward the pavilion. There, she was greeted by the sight of a fully drenched, unconscious Evelyn. She looked to be in terrible shape.

Vivian smirked, her heart feeling ironically carefree. She must have never expected to end up in such a pathetic state back when she was scheming against me. It’s never too late for revenge. The pain you caused me, I’ll be sure to give them back to you!

Vivian had to exert quite a bit of effort to carry the unconscious Evelyn to her car. She took her to one of the Morrisons’ smaller condominiums and called for Ms. Booker, a housemaid she trusted, to take care of her.

“Get her changed,” she instructed Ms. Booker before heading toward the bathroom for a shower. Her sweat had mixed with the rain earlier, causing her to feel exceptionally uncomfortable.

When she came out of the shower, Evelyn had already been changed. Seeing Vivian, Ms. Booker asked respectfully, “Miss, is there anything else you need?”

“Make some soup.”

“Yes,” the housemaid said before she left the room.

Vivian clutched her own hands tightly. She was coldly scrutinizing Evelyn as the latter lay on the bed. Did she think she was cruel? No, not at all. She was merely treating Evelyn the way she was once treated. To show compassion to one’s enemy was the worst mistake anyone could make. Vivian had understood the meaning behind those words a long time ago.

This is her karma! I must never be sympathetic to her!

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