Never Late, Never Away Chapter 646

Perhaps due to Vivian’s cold gaze, Evelyn slowly fluttered her eyes open. She was momentarily puzzled, having no clue where she was.

Did Rachel bring me here? She recalled making a call to Rachel before she fell unconscious. Thinking about that, she sat up and scoped around for Rachel’s presence. To her surprise, the person in the room turned out to be Vivian instead.

Evelyn broke down in an instant when all her memories returned at once. She screamed at Vivian, “What are you doing here! Where is this place!”

“This is one of the Morrisons’ condominiums. I brought you here,” Vivian composed herself and said in a calm voice. It was not the time for her to fall out with Evelyn yet.

To implement her plan successfully, she had to make Evelyn believe she was still the gullible, naive Vivian William she used to be.

“I doubt you’d be so benevolent! If it weren’t for you, would I have ended up in such a state? What exactly do you want?”

The memory of Finnick throwing her out replayed continuously in her head. The mere realization of that drove her insane. How could she remember that she was supposed to act like a good person in front of Vivian?

“It’s your mother who wanted me to pick you up from Finnick’s villa,” Vivian explained patiently. “She asked me to take good care of you.”

Hearing that, Evelyn began to calm down, but her gaze remained suspicious as she stared at Vivian. “It’s Rachel William who made you come?”

Did she not orchestrate the events at the opera house? If it weren’t her, then it was truly way too coincidental.

“Mm,” Vivian hummed in response with her head lowered. “Didn’t you once say we’re friends? Even if Mom didn’t ask that of me, I wouldn’t turn my back on you either.” Despite speaking against her will, her face maintained a sincere expression.

Apparently, having dealt with Evelyn for so long had helped cultivated her acting skills.

“You may stay here for the time being. It’s inconvenient for you to move around, so I’ve found a housemaid to take care of you. As for Finnick, don’t worry, I’ll put in a good word for you.

Seeing how well Vivian was taking care of her, Evelyn couldn’t help but be dubious of her intention. Is she truly doing this with no other motives? Logically speaking, she has no reason to be this kind to me.

Knowing it wouldn’t be so easy for Evelyn to believe her, she added, “The bone marrow transplant can be done at the end of the month. You must take care of yourself in the meantime.”

So it’s because of that. Evelyn sneered on the inside. No wonder Rachel sounded so anxious on the phone. Turns out, it wasn’t because she was worried for me, but her life! I knew that vile woman wasn’t this kind-hearted. But since they’re the ones who need something from me right now, I might as well make use of this opportunity. There’s nowhere for me to go anyway. Since they want to help, I’ll take advantage of it then.

Noticing Evelyn visibly relaxing, Vivian was aware the former had dropped her guard toward her. It seemed her analysis was spot on. To convince someone like Evelyn, one had to adjust themselves to their way of thinking.

Having figured out why Vivian would help her, Evelyn couldn’t help but think she was still as stupid as she was five years ago. Rachel William is merely her adopted mother. Is there a need to come to such an extent?

Although she thought that way, she didn’t dare to say them. After all, she still needed to depend on Vivian.

“Thank you for treating me as a friend, Vivian. Thank you for being there when I needed you. I’m sorry for everything in the past. I was immature. It was all my fault. I’m truly sorry,” Evelyn choked out. Her eyes even managed to squeeze out several drops of tears. “Vivian, I’m really sorry. Will you give me a chance to make it up to you?”

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