Never Late, Never Away Chapter 647

How versatile she was. It took no time for her to interchange between screaming at me like a shrew to pleading for forgiveness. Vivian sneered in her heart but continued to put up the pretense with her on the surface. “It’s all in the past. Let’s pretend that none of it ever happened and never mention them again.”

“All right. I won’t bring it up again.” Evelyn pretended to wipe her tears. “Vivian, will you really help me talk to Finnick?”

“What conflict were the both of you having? Finnick—” Vivian deliberately glanced at Evelyn as if she was in a dilemma. “Why did he chase you out? You have to tell me in detail so I can help you.”

“Finnick assumed I was the one behind the incident at the opera house,” Evelyn said aggrievedly. She only dared to say it because it truly had nothing to do with her.

“How could it be?” Vivian pretended to be shocked.

“Vivian, you have to believe me. It wasn’t me! Please don’t misunderstand me as Finnick did. You can get someone to investigate it,” Evelyn explained, anxiously clutching onto Vivian’s hands.

“I believe you.” Vivian nodded after a glance at Evelyn. “Don’t fret. I’ll go explain to Finnick that it has nothing to do with you.”

Evelyn was stunned. She believed me so easily? What an idiot. But it didn’t seem so wrong when she thought about it again. After all, it was true that she had nothing to do with the matter.

“I have something on. Hence, I won’t stay any longer. I thought you’d be hungry after you wake up, so I’ve already told Ms. Booker to make you some soup. Remember to drink some so you’ll feel better.” Vivian sounded entirely like how a best friend should.

Seeing Vivian that way, Evelyn only despised her even more. A simple-minded person like her can never succeed in life!

“All right. You can leave if you have to. I’ll drink the soup later,” Evelyn said, pretending to sound moved. “Vivian, I’m truly grateful toward you.”

“Don’t be. Rest well. I’ll be on my way.” Vivian smiled and waved in farewell before turning around to leave the room. As soon as the door closed with a soft click, her face instantly turned cold.

She walked to the kitchen and saw Ms. Booker focused on making soup. Despite the fragrant smell permeating her nose, her mood failed to take a better turn.

Noticing Vivian, the housemaid hurriedly wiped her hands on her apron and respectfully approached her. “Miss, do you have any instructions?” she asked.

“Please keep watch of Evelyn from now on. Report her every move to me,” Vivian ordered, her tone as cold as ice.

To prevent Evelyn from harming Larry or herself, she needed to keep Evelyn in the palms of her hands. Moreover, Rachel would be undergoing surgery soon. She had to make sure Evelyn wouldn’t pull out last minute or else, everything would be in vain.

Therefore, it was best to place Evelyn in an area where she had control and have her under her surveillance.

“Yes,” Ms. Booker said. She had been with the Morrison family for several years and understood that it wasn’t her place to question things.

“Take the soup to her when it’s ready. You have to be careful. Don’t let her find out anything,” Vivian said worriedly.

“I understand, Miss,” the housemaid answered seriously.

“Thank you for your hard work.” Having said that, Vivian left the condominium.

She gave Rachel a call immediately after and informed her of Evelyn’s whereabouts.

“Is Evelyn all right? Was she injured?” Rachel questioned anxiously.

With an expressionless face, Vivian said in a mild voice, “She’s all right. She’s resting now.”

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