Never Late, Never Away Chapter 65

Rachel didn’t expect such a dramatic reaction from Fabian and was taken aback. Still, she continued as if she could relate to Fabian, “Yeah, I was equally as shocked when I heard about Vivian’s marriage to Finnick. Sigh, what were you doing back then, Fabian?”

Fabian could no longer continue the conversation with Rachel. He ran out of the room and sped all the way back to his office.

Meanwhile, at the magazine company, Vivian and Sarah were eating the sandwiches they bought in the pantry. While Vivian ate, she was scrolling her phone for recipes to make for Finnick. Her friend Sarah glanced at her from time to time as she munched on her sandwich with a blank expression.

“Shoot your questions, Sarah,” Vivian said with her eyes still on her phone. She already noticed earlier that Sarah had something on her mind.

Sarah’s face flushed red at once. She replied gingerly, “Oh, it’s nothing big. It’s just that there have been these rumors going on in the office about…”

“About me and Fabian?” Vivian raised one brow.

“It’s more than that.” Sarah bit her lips and mustered her courage to continue, “Okay, so Shannon and I saw you getting off a luxury car just a few days ago. That time, everyone was already saying that you have a special thing going on with the Chief Editor. Then, Shannon also added that she has a few friends from Z College who said that…”

Vivian felt her heart skip a beat when she heard the word ‘Z College’.

It was the reason why she left H City for the bustling Sunshine City. She really needed to leave her bad rap behind to start a new life.

But to her mishap, no matter where Vivian went, her past would be brought up.

Vivian finished the last bite of her sandwich and laughed light-heartedly. “What did they say about me? That I pimped myself out for cash? Or that I was dating Fabian back on campus?”

Sarah was surprised by Vivian’s bluntness. Her expression became even more awkward as she hurried on to answer, “Vivian, never will I think that you are that kind of person!”

Vivian was touched by Sarah’s kind words. “Thank you so much for believing in me, Sarah.”

After lunch, Vivian headed back to her office. Right away, she could spot a few of her colleagues talking about her.

Vivian merely put on a carefree smile.

Two years ago, she could never have survived such slanders and insults. But now, she was bulletproof. She knew that she couldn’t do anything about it and decided to just ignore them. Vivian was aware that she did nothing wrong.

At this thought, Vivian sunk into her seat and started to prepare for tomorrow’s interview. Out of the blue, a loud bang came from the office door as a silhouette bolted past.

Vivian raised her head in puzzlement and saw Fabian’s contorted face as he strode in her direction. He growled, “Vivian, see me in my office now.”

Vivian furrowed her brows. She wanted to reject his request, but she didn’t want to blow up the ticking timebomb in Fabian.

Everyone in the office was now staring at Vivian with an even muddled expression dawned on their faces. A reckless Shannon showed up and snorted, “Wow, what was that? Is Mr. Norton trying to rekindle his old flame with you? Pfft, leave that poor man alone. You were the one who cheated on him back then. Don’t toy with his feelings anymore.”

Vivian glared at Shannon before striding off to Fabian’s office.

Upon entering Fabian’s office, Vivian could see Fabian pacing in front of his desk.

It was a familiar scene to Vivian. Back in college, Fabian would always pace in his room whenever a stressful situation was coming up.

“Mr. Norton,” Vivian took the initiative to speak after reading the mood in the room. “What’s the matter?”

Fabian halted in his steps and glowered at Vivian. He uttered through his teeth, “Vivian William. Oh, pardon me. Perhaps I should call you Vivian Norton instead, now that you are married to Finnick.”

Vivian could feel the world around her fade out as blood drained from her face.

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