Never Late, Never Away Chapter 650

“Who are you? Did Evelyn or Mark send you?” Vivian interrogated uncertainly. Apart from these two people, she really could not think of anyone else that she had offended.

The hand stroking her cheek suddenly paused. Vivian could clearly feel the hesitation in his fingers, but the man still did not provide an answer.

Vivian’s voice seemed to echo in that room, and strange anxiety rose in her heart. Left without a choice, she abruptly shook her head to remove the man’s hand that was on her face.

Not knowing where her courage came from, Vivian swiftly strode forward and shoved the man approaching her away. “Go away! Don’t touch me!”

Her skin touched the man’s shirt, and she was startled to find that it felt rather smooth. Judging from her knowledge and experience with menswear, the material was probably something expensive and custom-made.

If he was one of Evelyn and Mark’s, he probably wouldn’t wear such nice clothes. Who is he then?

Frantically trying to figure out the man’s identity in her mind, Vivian was suddenly thrust onto the sofa. The overwhelming presence of the man made her heart fell with a thud.

Vivian could almost predict what would happen next. At that point, she was terribly scared, screaming as she struggled. “Let go of me! You b**tard, get up…”

Before she could finish her sentence, a pair of soft lips found their way to hers, pressing them tightly shut. The man’s massive body was forced onto her body, holding her captive. One of his hands supported the back of her head, while the other was holding her chin.

In the beginning, the man kissed her tenderly. It almost made Vivian think that the way he acted was towards the person he loved, and not a hostage.

But when she thought that she was being humiliated by a stranger, the sense of shame soared in her heart. Coming back to her senses, she shook her head desperately to dodge him.

Maybe it was her struggle that triggered the man. His kisses suddenly became more domineering, and his tongue swept through her mouth vigorously, like a hungry wolf craving for food.

There was no way for Vivian to give in like this. She opened her mouth and wanted to bite the man’s tongue. But he seemed to have predicted her trick. He then pinched her jaw, numbing her tongue.

At that point, Vivian’s eyebrows were already tightly furrowed. With her hands clasped tight, she used all her strength to punch the man.

She could not be more intimidated then, despite knowing that her actions would not harm the man. But what she feared was worse; she feared if what she did would annoy him. Nonetheless, there was no way that she could endure such humiliation without doing anything.

On the contrary, the man did not erupt from anger after that punch, and neither did she even hear a muffled groan. All the rage and hatred seemed to vanish into nowhere, and there was no response coming from the man.

Boiled with frustration and restlessness, Vivian slapped the man recklessly. “A**hole, get out! Don’t you dare touch me!”

The man wanted to stop her attack but discovered that the strength of this woman was unexpected. For a while, he even failed to restrain her.

Yet, the man just hung her tied wrist around his neck and locked her into a deep and passionate kiss. For some odd reason, there was a vaguely familiar scent lingering on the end of her nose.

This smells… so familiar? Vivian’s heart started to tremble uncontrollably at that thought.

Eventually, the man’s kiss was no longer as domineering as before. His lips then gently fell on her cheek and the corner of her lips as if to soothe an injured small animal.

After that, his lips made their way down towards her cheeks. When he reached her chin, the man gently nibbled the tip of her chin and then returned to her lips.

Vivian was startled by his every single move. Is it really him? Once that conjecture popped into her mind, she could not hold herself back any longer.

Following that, Vivian carefully explored the man using her other senses – his body, his scent, his breath, and his familiar tiny movements when kissing. The longer she was entwined with him, the faster her heart beat. Now she was almost sure about the identity of the mystery man.

It must be him. This is absurd! As she slowly came to a realization, Vivian felt flames of hatred burning all over her body. How could he do such a thing to me? He went too far this time, that b**tard!

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