Never Late, Never Away Chapter 66

“H-How did you…” Vivian William stammered as her lips trembled. Before she could finish her sentence, Fabian Norton stomped up to her and held her by her shoulders.

“It’s not important at all how I found out about it!” Fabian was even more incensed as Vivian did not deny her marriage to Finnick, which meant that it was not fake news. “Why didn’t you tell me about it? What will you get from hiding your marriage from me?”

Fabian recalled the time he brought Vivian to meet Finnick and introduced Vivian to his uncle. Fabian figured they must have had a good laugh about his ignorance about their current relationship.

Vivian couldn’t stand the crushing grip of Fabian on her shoulders anymore. She howled, “Fabian Norton! Please chill the hell down! I didn’t intend to hide my marriage from you. It’s you who have never asked me about it in the first place!”

Fabian noticed the grimace on Vivian’s face and realized he was hurting her. Immediately, his steam died down.

He let go of Vivian in an instant and staggered as he fell onto the sofa. He dug his fingers into his hair and hugged his head while he muttered, “Why did you marry Finnick? Why did you cheat on me two years ago?”

Vivian could feel her heart ache seeing Fabian in that wretched state.

Until now, she could still remember the young man in a white T-shirt who would deliver breakfast to her doorsteps every day with a big grin and two shallow dimples on his cheeks. In front of her dorm, the boy would shout out loud, “Good morning, Vivian William!”

Vivian wondered how did her relationship with that cheerful boy came to this.

Vivian bit her lips as she tried to hold back her tears.

She thought her hatred for Fabian was deep-rooted, but seeing his misery now, she could not bring herself to loathe him anymore.

Fabian did not live an easy life. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he suffered from a lot of humiliation and heartache. He had a lot of inner demons to deal with.

At that moment, Vivian wanted to console Fabian and tell him the truth about how she didn’t cheat on him. However, what Fabian said next shattered that kind intention of hers.

“Vivian William!” Fabian raised his head and revealed his bloodshot eyes. “Why do you love money so f**king much! For money, you are willing to marry Finnick even though he’s crippled?”

The color on Vivian’s face faded away. She stared at Fabian in disbelief and responded with a shaky voice, “W-What are you talking about?”

“Is there anything you won’t do for money?” Fabian rose from the sofa and walked closer to Vivian with a threatening aura. “You cheated on me because of money, right? You did whatever you could to hook yourself up with my uncle because of his fortune, right? How impressive, Vivian!”

Vivian looked daggers at the man in front of her as if she had never seen him before.

“Say something, Vivian!” Fabian edged in closer to Vivian as she remained silent. “If you knew I am also from the Norton family, would you have married me too?”

For some reason, Fabian could feel an unquenchable ball of fire churning in him every time the thought of Vivian marrying Finnick struck him.

“Do you regret it now that you know I am also from the Norton family? I’m physically fine, unlike that crippled uncle of mine.” The rage in Fabian took control of his mind and made him insult his uncle. “Also, my Dad said, after Finnick got into the accident, not only was his legs crippled, but he has also lost what made him a man. Vivian, I am truly impressed by how determined you are to get your hands on his money! So you’re willing to live a life without sex as long as you have…”

“Fabian shut the f**k up!” Vivian screamed at the top of her lungs. It was the last straw.

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