Never Late, Never Away Chapter 67

She could not understand her calm reaction when Fabian hurled insults at her. In contrast, she was furious when Fabian insulted Finnick.

Whenever Vivian thought of Finnick, the perfect man, sitting in a wheelchair and how his eyes revealed the sense of loneliness subconsciously; she could not help herself but loathe Fabian.

Finnick was forced to hide his talents and pretended to be disabled for ten years because of his terrible family.

Fabian was stunned as he did not expect Vivian to react this way.

Vivian no longer wanted to spare him another glance when he paused.

“Fabian, I know this is weird for you because you thought Finnick and I had a forbidden relationship. But the truth is, we’re a lawfully wedded couple, and I’d know better if he’s able to perform behind closed doors, so mind your business,” she spoke coldly.

With that, she slammed Fabian’s office door heavily as she left without looking at him once more.

Fabian was alone in office when she left. He stood there blankly as if his soul left his body.

He was only brought back to reality when his cellphone rang.

He picked up the phone and saw the caller ID; it was Ashley. A sense of irritation slowly crept to him unknowingly.

“Hello, what is it?” he asked impatiently.

“Fabian, are you busy right now?” Ashley responded sweetly.

“No, I’m fine. What’s up?”

“Oh, it’s nothing important. I just realized that our wedding has been decided, yet I haven’t met your grandfather… Don’t you think I should meet him since he is the head of the Norton family?”

Fabian was impatient and intended to reply “Some other time, okay?”, but his eyes shone at a sudden thought.

“You’re right. Not only my grandfather, but you should also meet my aunt, my uncle, and the rest of the Norton family members,” he replied in a calmer manner.

“Really? When?” Ashley asked joyfully.

“Soon, I guess. I’ll arrange a family dinner and invite everyone, and I’ll formally introduce you to them,” he replied as the corners of his mouth rose into an icy arc.

Once the clock struck six, Vivian could not wait to leave the office.

As she stood up, she noticed many people whispering among themselves while glancing at her with a look of disdain.

Vivian was irritated by Fabian and the people who loved to gossip.

She wondered if it was time for her to switch job as her mother’s condition had stabilized.

Vivian was lost in her thoughts the entire way home. When she arrived, she realized Finnick was already home. He was not seated in the wheelchair, instead, he was standing in the living room.

“You’re home?” Finnick asked plainly.

Vivian looked around the house while taking off her shoes and asked, “Where’s Molly and Liam?”

“Oh, I gave them a break.”

“I see. Let me prepare dinner for you. What would you like to have?” Vivian asked as she walked into the kitchen.


Vivian was exhausted after a day at work. She would have made a simple meal if it were just for herself. However, Vivian remembered her promise to pay off her debt with Finnick by cooking, so she dared not neglect him. Hence, she opted for a fancy dish of beef stew as her dinner menu.

Her mind drifted to the annoying matters in the magazine company while she was chopping vegetables. She lost focus for a split second, and suddenly she felt a sharp pain in her fingers.


She yelped as she retrieved her hand and noticed that she had accidentally cut her finger.

“What happened?” Finnick’s voice rang behind her. Vivian turned and saw Finnick entered the kitchen.

“It’s nothing. I have accidentally cut my finger. I’ll be fine once I put on a band-aid,” Vivian squeezed a smile.

It was a small and shallow cut; hence there was not much blood.

“Let me see.” Finnick ignored Vivian’s words as he grabbed her hand and began to examine her finger. She was slightly embarrassed to see Finnick with a stern look on his face.

“I’m fine. It’s just a small cut, I can handle it myself… Ahh, Finnick. What’re you doing?” she asked softly.

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