Never Late, Never Away Chapter 68

Finnick ignored Vivian as he quickly sucked on her finger.

Vivian instantly felt a wave of electric current ran through her finger as a warm and moist sensation hit her. A tingling sensation had also spread all over her body within seconds.

She could feel her cheeks heating up, yet she could not bring herself to look at Finnick’s handsome face. She was flustered and shifted her gaze before saying, “Finnick, it’s- it’s okay…”

She was so nervous that she stammered upon her words. Then, Finnick let go of her hands and lowered his gaze to see her face as red as an apple.

“Give me a second. I’ll go grab a band-aid.” He laughed lightly and left the kitchen.

When Finnick left, Vivian felt that she could breathe again and quickly took a few deep breaths.

Soon enough, Finnick returned with a band-aid in hand. He tore open the band-aid and carefully wrapped it around Vivian’s finger. His eyes shone brightly like obsidian stones that were filled with seriousness. It seemed like he was looking at some precious item instead of a wounded finger.

When he had carefully put on the band-aid, he eyed the kitchen and frowned. “There you go. Maybe we should save cooking for another time. Why don’t we order some takeout tonight?”

Vivian could not think straight as she was filled with embarrassment. Hence, she agreed with everything Finnick had said.

The couple entered the living room as Finnick began scrolling through the takeout website. He furrowed his eyebrows and asked, “What would you like to have?”

“Anything will do.”

Finnick nodded as he typed away on his laptop.

At this moment, Finnick’s cellphone rang on the coffee table.

Finnick did not lift his head, but asked casually, “Who is it?”

Vivian glanced at the caller ID and answered, “It’s Noah.”

“Could you please turn on the speaker?”

Vivian did as she was told, and moments later, Noah’s voice rang from the phone.

“Mr. Norton,” Noah called. For some reason, he sounded a little excited.


“I found a lead about the little girl from the past!”

Vivian was stunned. The little girl from the past?

Finnick’s expression changed slightly when he heard Noah’s words. He quickly asked, “What lead?”

“It’s a photo that was taken around the place where the accident happened. Shall I send it to you?”

“Yes, please.”

After Noah hung up, Finnick resumed ordering the takeout. Vivian could not resist but asked with curiosity, “Err…who is the little girl Noah mentioned?”

Finnick glanced sideways at Vivian.

He disliked others asking him questions about his personal matters and would have felt annoyed if it was someone else. However, he was a little happy as it was Vivian who asked.

It seemed that this woman is curious about my matters?

“I was saved by a little girl during the kidnap incident back in the days. Hence, I’ve been searching for her to repay her,” Finnick answered truthfully.

The kidnap case? Vivian paused as she thought to herself.

Was it the kidnap case that the public thought had led to Finnick’s disability?

Vivian was a little curious, yet she could also guess how the kidnap case had affected Finnick. It was just like the incident that happened to her two years ago; it was a nightmare. Therefore, she did not ask further.

The doorbell rang thirty minutes after Finnick had ordered the takeout.

Vivian opened the door and saw a delivery boy standing nervously by the door and asked, “Hi, did you order pizza?”

Vivian hesitated as she glanced at the box in his hands.

“Someone ordered pizza?”

“Yes,” The delivery boy answered nervously. It was clear that he had not made deliveries to the upper-class residential area before. Vivian quickly took the pizza, signed and said, “Thank you.”

Vivian walked into the room with the pizza. She could not help but asked, “Finnick, do you like pizza?”

Finnick paused when he saw the box in her hands, “That restaurant is a pizza place?”

“Yea. Why do you think it was?”

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