Never Late, Never Away Chapter 69

Finnick’s brow knitted as he turned his laptop towards Vivian. “This restaurant is called Flavors of Italy. I expected the entire set of dishes to be Italian cuisine.

Vivian was instantly embarrassed.

He was indeed the son of a wealthy family. Who would take restaurant names and dishes seriously nowadays? She thought to herself.

“Most Italian restaurants that offer takeout would serve pizza like this,” Vivian said as she placed the pizza on the table, “Have you ever had pizza?”

“Yes, I’ve tried charcoal grilled pizza when I traveled to Europe.” Finnick lowered his gaze and added, “But I haven’t tried pizzas served in a takeaway paper box like this.”

“Well, there’s always the first time to anything right.” Vivian grinned while she tore a piece of pizza and handed it to Finnick.

Finnick stretched out his hand to take the pizza. He took a bite and frowned slightly. “It doesn’t taste like the ones I’ve tried in the past.”

“Haha, it’s not that bad to eat something like this occasionally,” Vivian replied in amusement.

She tore a piece of pizza as she talked and began eating.

In comparison to the exquisite dishes Molly prepared every day, she preferred simple food that suited her taste.

She recalled her university days when she would buy junk food like this at the snack street behind Z College with Fabian. Although those food were unhealthy, they enjoyed them.

Finnick was dazed as he watched the woman before him devouring pizza with a big grin on her face.

He suddenly realized, perhaps he didn’t know Vivian that well.

Noah arrived while the couple was eating pizza.

As he entered the room, his eyes widened in surprise when his gaze fell onto the pizza placed on the coffee table.

As his personal assistant, Noah knew how particular Finnick was with his diet. Yet, he was eating pizza?

He tried to mask his shocked expression and handed the envelope to Finnick. “Mr. Norton, these are the photos that I’ve found,” he reported respectfully.

Vivian had pizza in her mouth and was thinking if she should leave the room. However, Finnick did not seem to mind her presence as he opened the envelope right away and took out the photos.

Finnick frowned when he looked at the photos. “They are so blur.”

Indeed, the photo was simply taken by a tourist. The picture had willows tree by the lake, and a girl in a red dress stood in the corner. Unfortunately, her face was muddled.

“Excuse me, Mr. Norton. The picture was taken by someone who was at the location of the incident coincidently. But the time and the girl’s outfit matched your description. Hence, she should the girl you’re looking for.”

Finnick picked up the photo as he drifted into his thoughts. Vivian looked at the photo out of curiosity.

Even though the girl’s appearance was blurry, she could tell that the girl was approximately fifteen years old. The clothes she wore were the clearest in the picture. She wore a red tutu dress that had a unique design.

Vivian furrowed her eyebrow and blurted, “This skirt…”

Finnick raised his eyebrows, “You recognized this skirt?”

“It does look familiar,” Vivian bit her lip, thinking. “Oh, this dress! A heroine wore this dress in a cartoon I watched back in junior high school. It was a Disney limited edition. At that time, every girl dreamed of having one.”

Noah suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh yes, speaking of which, the girl that you’re looking for is of similar age as you, Mrs. Norton?”

Finnick’s kidnap incident happened ten years ago. Coincidently, Vivian was indeed fifteen years old ten years ago.

“Do you have this dress too?” Finnick rose his eyebrows.

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