Never Late, Never Away Chapter 70

Vivian smiled bitterly, “This dress is limited-edition which costs a few thousand. I couldn’t afford that.”

Finnick nodded as he placed the photos back into the envelope and said to Noah, “Considering it was a limited-edition dress, it shouldn’t be hard to find the authentic ones.”

Noah nodded and left.

Finnick and Vivian continued eating pizza.

Vivian was unsure if she was overthinking, but she felt that Finnick had lost his appetite ever since Noah left. She glanced at him inadvertently a few times and noticed a blank expression on his face.

Was he….thinking about the kidnap incident ten years ago?

The media did not disclose many details as the Norton family intervened in the kidnapping case. It must have been a horrifying experience; if not, his legs would not have been severely injured.

Vivian was staring at Finnick’s handsome side profile. Suddenly, she heard Finnick asked, “Do you like what you see?”

Vivian was taken aback for a moment, only to realize that Finnick was referring to how she was staring at him. She quickly lowered her head as her face became hot. “I’m sorry,”

Finnick let out a small laugh and did not say anything. They finished the pizza and Vivian went to take a shower.

Vivian exited the bathroom while drying her hair after a relaxing shower. Yet, when she walked into the bedroom, she did not see Finnick. Instead, he stood by the balcony of the master bedroom, staring into something in a daze.

Vivian paused slightly before she took a few steps forward. She noticed Finnick was staring at a pendant.

The pendant was a very delicate crystal necklace. Vivian could instantly tell that the beautiful necklace was designed for women.

Vivian was surprised.

Finnick…was staring at another woman’s necklace?

Who was the owner of this necklace? Was it the woman that Finnick liked?

For some reason, Vivian felt uneasy at the idea of Finnick liking another woman.

She quickly shook her head and shrugged the weird feeling in her heart.

Vivian, remember who you are and don’t cross the line. You know why Finnick married you, it was only for the title of a lawfully wedded couple. What else do you expect?

Never desire the things that aren’t yours. As an illegitimate daughter, haven’t you learned this lesson since you were young?

Vivian was pulled back into reality and laughed dryly before proceeding to dry her hair obediently.

Finnick walked to her; the necklace he had in his hands earlier was kept away. “Fabian is organizing a party to introduce his fiancée to the family. Get yourself ready to attend the party with me,” he said calmly.

Vivian’s hand froze as she stared at Finnick, who stood behind her from the mirror. She asked hesitantly, “Do I have to go?”

She caught sight of Finnick’s expression that went cold; she quickly responded, “Okay, I got it. I’ll go.”

I can hide once, but I can’t hide all my life. It’s impossible for me to avoid Fabian and Ashley forever.

Finnick’s expression softened and he nodded, “Don’t be nervous. I’ve hired someone to make a dress for you, so please remember to visit the boutique for a fitting tomorrow.”

Vivian knew it was a big party with many guests. Although Ashley would be the star of the party, it was her first appearance as Finnick’s wife in public. It was vital for her to be cautious and create a good impression. Therefore, she nodded in agreement.

The next day, Vivian ended her interview early and went to the boutique Finnick told her for her fitting.

Vivian was a little wary as she had never stepped foot into such a place. Fortunately, Finnick sent Noah to accompany her as he was busy.

“Mrs. Norton,” Noah called out. He waited by the entrance of the boutique beforehand. When he saw Vivian, he opened the door for her and said, “This way, please.”

Vivian followed Noah into the boutique that was filled with exquisite decorations. There were many sales assistants and a few customers in the boutique.

Vivian proceeded to the second floor, and a couple of pretty girls approached her to take her measurements. She raised her hands awkwardly and hoped all of this would end quickly. Suddenly, she heard a voice full of surprise…


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