Never Late, Never Away Chapter 71

Surprised, she turned around and saw Ashley who had just walked up the stairs, looking at her with an equally astounded face.

Vivian’s heart started thumping.

What a small world! Must it meet Ashley here?

This boutique provided the best tailoring service in the city. Ashley had come to custom-made her outfit for the party on the weekend but had she expected to see Vivian, the cheapskate here.

“Vivian.” In her pinkish-orange high heels, she click-clacked over to Vivian and continued, “Why are you here? Is this a place a penny-pincher like you should come?”

There was no one around so Ashley was even cockier than usual and every word she uttered to Vivian was as nasty as it could be.

Vivian’s eyes flickered with a cold glint and before she could even respond, Noah stepped in front and spoke in a nonchalant tone, “Miss, please mind the way you’re speaking to Mrs. Norton .”

“Mrs. Norton?” Ashley was utterly baffled but she was discerning enough to recognize that Noah was no ordinary man so she restrained herself from lashing out again.

In the meantime, the salespersons working in the boutique had finished taking Vivian’s measurements. To avoid having anything to do with Ashley, Vivian quickly spoke, “Noah, let’s go.”

With a nod, Noah glared at Ashley and escorted Vivian downstairs.

Seeing how Vivian had ignored her, Ashley stomped on the ground in rage, frightening the salesperson next to her who could only ask in a jittery manner, “Ms. Miller, are you ready to take the measurements?”

It was only then Ashley came to her senses and turned to the salespersons and asked shrewdly, “Hey, do you know who was the woman just now?”

Ashley was a patron of the shop so the salespersons were aware of her overbearing personality and afraid she would be displeased if they don’t tell her the truth. Plus, there was nothing to hide about Vivian’s identity, hence they replied frankly, “She’s Mr. Norton’s wife.”

“Mr. Norton?” Ashley’s eyes widened in astonishment. “Which Mr. Norton?”

“Mr. Finnick Norton of the Finnor Group.”

Ashley was so shocked that she stumbled and nearly fell to the ground.

Others might not know who Finnick was, but as Fabian’s fiancée, Ashley knew who he was too well.

Finnick was Fabian’s uncle and the younger son of the Norton family.

Ashley’s face was drained of color and she could not believe what she just heard.

Isn’t Vivian married to a penniless pauper who couldn’t even afford a diamond ring? How does it turn out to be Finnick?

All at once, she could not care less about making any gown and rushed downstairs with her purse in her hand. She got in the car and bellowed, “Send me to Glamour Magazine right now!”

As soon as she reached her destination, Ashley dashed up to the floor where the magazine company was, and when the receptionist asked who she was looking for in a panic, she blurted out impatiently, “I’m looking for your Chief Editor, I’m his fiancée.”

Upon hearing that, the receptionist immediately led the way for Ashley to Fabian.

Just as Ashley went into Fabian’s office, Vivian, under the escort of Noah, had also reached the ground floor of the building where the magazine company was located in.

Immediately after Vivian arrived at the magazine company, she realized the atmosphere was unusually awkward.

Everyone was not busy working on their assignments and instead, gathered in small groups around themselves, excitingly discussing about something, to which she had no idea.

Seeing Vivian walked in, Shannon stood tall immediately and smirked, “Oh my goodness, Vivian. I’m surprised you still have the face to come back. Aren’t you afraid of getting caught?”

Perplexed, Vivian frowned at what Shannon just said, and before she knew it, she was pulled to a corner by Sarah who whispered to her, “Vivian, do you know the Chief Editor’s fiancée is here?”

Vivian was puzzled.

Ashley’s here?

What is she doing here?

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