Never Late, Never Away Chapter 72

Meanwhile, the air in the Chief Editor’s office was exceedingly tensed.

Ashley was standing in front of Fabian’s desk with her pupils enlarged in fury as she shrieked, “Fabian, why didn’t you tell me that Vivian is your uncle’s newly married wife?”

It was very much to Fabian’s surprise that Ashley had found out about Vivian’s identity. He was befuddled for a while but when he looked at the egotistical way Ashley behaved, an impatient gleam flashed across his eyes and he replied, “I didn’t keep you in the dark on purpose. It was just not something I’d deliberately mention out of the blue. Besides, they’d also attend the party on the weekend. Wouldn’t you have found out by then?”

Ashley got even more irritated when he mentioned the party.

“And you have the cheek to bring up the party on this weekend!” Ashley’s pitch turned even more ear-piercing. “Have you ever thought about how devastated I would be if I suddenly saw Vivian at the party? And how should I even address her?”

Ashley had been spoiled by Harvey and Emma since young, as a result, she had always been very capricious.

However, in order to get along well with Fabian, she had been trying to restrain her temper for the past six months. Yet, she was in a state of frenzy this time and could no longer suppress her wrath.

All this was a result of her contempt for Vivian, especially when she realized how she thought she had shattered Vivian William, the person she despised the most in the world. Unfortunately, it turned out that Vivian had got on top of her and became Fabian’s aunt; therefore, she needed to vent!

“Fabian!” She got angrier. “Tell me the truth now! Did you knowingly hide this from me because you still care about Vivian? Are you waiting to see me get embarrassed on the weekend!”

Fabian was extremely annoyed by Ashley but when he heard her last sentence, he regained his composure.

“What are you talking about?” With a scornful laugh and a ruthless beam radiating from his eyes, he replied, “It’s still not time to tell who will be the one to feel embarrassed yet.”

Though perplexed, Ashley had finally redeemed her cool.

She furrowed her eyebrows and asked, “Fabian, what’s that supposed to mean?”

“Don’t you think this is strange?” Fabian lighted a cigarette and started puffing on it. “How could the Norton family accept a woman like Vivian who had such a murky past two years ago?”

Ashley was still confused but right in the next instant, it suddenly dawned on her the implication behind Fabian’s words and she was no longer irate. Instead, she became excited at once. “Fabian, are you saying that your uncle is still unaware of what happened two years ago?”

“He’s aware.” Fabian’s face darkened unwittingly.

Again, Ashley was stunned. “Then why did he still…”

“The point is not about Uncle Finnick.” Fabian was increasingly irritated and he interrupted Ashley hastily. “It’s about my grandpa. For a veteran like him, virtue is what he values most in people. There’s no way for him to tolerate a woman with a stinking past like Vivian.”

Ashley was instantly pleased. “Well then, Fabian, what have you prepared?”

“I’m preparing to spill the truth about Vivian to Grandpa at the party this weekend.”

“That’s it?” A little disappointment crept on Ashley’s stunning face.

Fabian frowned. “What are you suggesting?”

Under the pointy glare of Fabian, Ashley laughed playfully. “I was simply asking.”

In spite of everything, Ashley was relieved after knowing that Fabian was going to come after Vivian as well.

Doesn’t that imply that Fabian has no more feelings for Vivian?

Even though it’s a shame Vivian managed to hook up with Finnick, but Finnick is just a cripple after all. And by disclosing that incident from two years ago, Vivian might just be chased out by the Norton family.

Ashley felt a lot better thinking of that.

Realizing that she had lost her self-control just then, Ashley was a little rueful and she went up to Fabian. She sat on his lap ingratiatingly, and said, “Fabian, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have lost my temper. Are you mad at me?”

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