Never Late, Never Away Chapter 73

A strong scent of perfume drifted into his nose and Fabian grimaced unknowingly.

Ashley was undoubtedly adorable. Which was exactly why he had chosen her among so many other women.

However, since he returned to the country, he had become increasingly irritable with Ashley’s temper and it felt as though she had become more overbearing somehow. Even her perfume smelled unpleasantly strong.

Unlike Vivian, regardless of whether it was when we were studying or now, there’s always a faint fragrance on her. It was the shower cream she used, indistinctive, but always refreshing…


Why am I thinking of this woman again!

The more he looked at Ashley, the more peeved he got, so he pushed her away directly. “I still have a meeting to attend to. If you’re tired, you can rest here for a while. Just remember to close the door when you leave.”

With that, he stood up and left the office, completely disregarding the pale-faced Ashley.

Ashley clenched her fist tightly as she watched Fabian walking out of his office, and the fiery red fingernails of hers almost poked through her palm.

Was it an illusion? She felt that ever since Fabian met Vivian, he had become more distant from her.

Could it be that he isn’t completely over her?


It’s impossible!

He was even ready to mortify Vivian. How can he still have feelings for her?

Wait a minute.

Is it possible that it’s actually Fabian’s plan to separate Finnick and Vivian so that she becomes single again?

When this thought emerged in Ashley’s mind, her face turned even paler.


No! There’s no way I’m leaving Vivian with any chance of turning around!

Biting her lips, Ashley came up with a plot in her mind.

When Ashley left Fabian’s office, the staff in the magazine company couldn’t help but start another round of gossip.

“Oh my goodness! So that’s the fiancée of our Chief Editor? She looks gorgeous and her fashion sense is fantastic as well.” Sarah was astonished and exclaimed in admiration.

Vivian sat at her place; her gaze swept over Ashley and the gleam in her eyes darkened.

That’s right. Ashley has always been very charming and her presence was just like a princess since young. She always looks stunning.

Comparing to her, I am just a nobody, always buried under her dazzling halo.

Shannon who was sitting on the side heard Sarah and sneered, “Of course, that’s the distance between the legitimate fiancée and the third wheel. If I were you, Vivian, I would definitely back away.”

Vivian shot a glare at Shannon and stood up abruptly.

Shannon nearly jumped with fright and she took a step back. “Vivian, wha-what are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Looking at the paper tiger’s frightened expression, the scornful curve on Vivian’s lips deepened. “I’m only preparing to clock out.”

With that, she grabbed her purse on the desk and left the office.

She was rather fortunate for when she came to the elevator, Ashley had already left, saving them from another awkward encounter.

As soon as she reached home and stepped into the house, she could smell the delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen, and she knew at once that Liam and Molly had returned.

She washed her hands before sitting down to have dinner together with Finnick.

Not knowing why, Finnick seemed bothered and did not have much of an appetite even being served with a table full of Molly’s sumptuous cooking. He took some food for Vivian absentmindedly while saying, “I’m free this weekend. Let me accompany you to visit your mom at the hospital.”

Startled, Vivian answered anxiously, “You don’t have to do that.”

Lifting his eyebrows, Finnick turned to look at Vivian. “Why?”

Vivian realized that her response was too curt and with embarrassment creeping on her face, she explained mindlessly, “My mom has just got a little better so she needs to rest well.”

“I guess it’s some other reason than that.” It seemed to be crystal clear to Finnick. “It’s because your mom doesn’t want to see me.”

Vivian’s hand which was holding the cutlery paused midair and she moved her lips. “Of course not.”

“Why not?” Finnick was very calm. “I could feel it. Your mom doesn’t like me.”

Vivian couldn’t think of anything to refute his statement, so she replied clumsily, “It’s not because of you. It’s mom being mom. She doesn’t like wealthy men.”

Finnick was even more surprised.

He had certainly run a background check on Vivian’s family and therefore, he was aware of the “mistress” or “third wheel” status of Rachel William.

Finnick did not say anything but Vivian seemed to be able to read his mind. She laughed bitterly and asked, “You know I’m an illegitimate daughter, right? You must be thinking how could my Mom dislike wealthy men after getting together with Harvey.”

Finnick remained silent.

“The truth is, my Mom has never really been together with Harvey.”

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