Never Late, Never Away Chapter 74

Suddenly, Vivian’s expression darkened. “My mom and Harvey were studying in the same university. Harvey always fancied her but my mom didn’t feel the same way about him. Nevertheless, Harvey’s feelings for her never faded even after he got married. In fact, he even drugged and raped her. That’s how I was conceived. Although my mom hated Harvey, she felt that I was innocent, so she decided to keep me.”

Finnick looked at Vivian as he had never heard about this from his previous investigations.

“Emma was jealous of the feelings Harvey had for my mom, hence she spread rumors everywhere. She accused my mom of seducing Harvey and declared that she was his mistress. As my mom didn’t have any connections in high society, there was no way she could defend herself. All she could do was to bring me up by herself while enduring the smear on her reputation.

As Vivian recounted the past, her fist clenched unwittingly while her eyes were filled with hatred.

She absolutely despised Harvey. Unfortunately, there was no way she could change the fact that he was her biological father.

Lowering his gaze toward Vivian, Finnick held up her clenched fist and gently pried open her fingers one by one.

Vivian was caught by surprise. She raised her head to look at him as she smiled awkwardly. “I’m sorry, did I lose my composure?”

“You didn’t.” Despite his calm facade, Finnick’s eye emitted a much gentler vibe than usual. “I’m happy that you are sharing all this with me.”

It really meant a lot to him.

In truth, it wasn’t hard for him to find out about the matter if he really wanted to. But, when Vivian related it to him personally, it carried a lot more weight.

Giving Finnick a puzzled look, Vivian couldn’t help but laugh. “You really are one strange man.”

Finnick responded with a faint smile without commenting.

True to her words, he did find himself acting increasingly strange ever since he got to know Vivian.

The next few days were calm and uneventful.

Finally, the weekend arrived and it was time for the Norton family’s dinner party.

On that day, Vivian was up very early. However, the makeup artist and hairstylist had already arrived. After spending a whole day working on her, they finally completed her makeover.

As for Finnick, he was already prepared well ahead of time and waited quietly in the living hall.

Soon, he heard the crisp footsteps of walking heels. Raising his gaze, he was stunned when he saw Vivian walking down the stairs gradually.

The last time she wore a gown to see the Norton family, she had already surprised him once.

This time, he was even more astounded.

Vivian was wearing a rose-gold-colored full-length dress. The tapered cut of her dress accentuated all her curves while its bareback showcased the beautiful curvature of her back.

Her hair was tied in a bun while her makeup looked natural instead of being ostentatious, allowing her exquisite features to outshine.

Nevertheless, Vivian still wasn’t used to walking in heels. Holding the edge of her skirt, she carefully descended the steps. There, she saw Finnick looking at her with glistening eyes.

Blushing bashfully, she asked softly, “How do I look?”

Just a moment ago, she too was shocked when she saw herself in the mirror.

She was a girl after all. Being dolled up and dressed in a beautiful gown was certainly something she looked forward to. However, ever since she was young, all she could do was watch Ashley enjoy this privilege. As for her, she could only wear a white T-shirt and jeans while watching Ashley mesmerize everyone else.

However, today was different. Finally, she knew that she too had the opportunity to look gorgeous.

Unable to peel his eyes off Vivian, Finnick laughed softly and didn’t answer her question. Instead, he grabbed her wrist and gave her a gentle tug.


Vivian could hardly maintain her balance in her heels. Hence, when Finnick pulled her into his embrace, she fell right onto his lap on the wheelchair.

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