Never Late, Never Away Chapter 75

Both of them were so close to each other that a few strands of Vivian’s stray hair touched Finnick’s neck. Finnick circled his hands around her waist and whispered, “You look so gorgeous that I don’t even dare to take you out with me.”

Vivian was surprised to hear Finnick flirt with her given that he was a man of few words. She was speechless as she blushed unwittingly.

Finnick chuckled before wheeling both of them out of the villa and got into the car.

Once they settled in, the driver drove them towards the Norton family’s villa.

Along the journey, Vivian couldn’t help but feel nervous.

After all, she will see Fabian and Ashley later. Moreover, just the thought that there would be a lot of people at the party caused her to worry that she would embarrass herself.

Detecting the tension in her smile, Finnick seemed to have guessed what was going through her mind. He asked softly, “Are you nervous?”

“Yes,” Vivian admitted. “I’m worried about embarrassing you.”

“How can you embarrass me when you look so pretty?” Finnick let out a faint smile. “Have you attended a party like this before?”

“No.” To calm her nerves, Vivian began to talk more. “But, I did work as a waitress at such events during my university days to pay for my tuition. At that time, I was envious of all those girls dressed in beautiful gowns. I even wondered if I would ever get a chance to attend a party like that someday.”

Finnick chuckled in response. “So, I guess your dream has come true?”

“You can put it that way.” Vivian laughed along with him. “After work, I would practice the dance steps I saw the ladies performed discreetly. So that when I have the opportunity to attend a party of my own, I could dance just as elegantly…”

Suddenly, Vivian realized she had said something wrong and stopped abruptly. After which, she looked at Finnick anxiously.

Damn it. I was being careless.

I have forgotten that he is a cripple in front of others and can’t dance. What I did simply rubbed salt into his wounds.

In contrast to Vivian’s anxiety, Finnick was calm and there wasn’t the slightest change in his smile. He replied casually, “Is that so?”

Vivian no longer dared to say anything else and remained silent till they arrived at their destination.

Finnick slid out of the car before offering his hand to help Vivian out.

After carefully alighting, Vivian was astounded when she saw the villa in front of her.

It was a huge villa and there were many luxury cars parked right in front. Numerous handsome young men and beautiful women streamed out from the cars and entered the building.

Suddenly, Vivian was a little distracted.

So, this is the sort of party they are having. It looks exactly like those I saw on TV.

As she was dazed by the magnificence of the occasion, she let Finnick lead her into the villa.

Along the way, they met a lot of people who were mostly either members of the Norton family or their associates. As everyone was aware of his status, they were greeted politely with respectful smiles. “Mr. Norton.”

Despite their cordial attitude, Finnick could feel the curious stares coming from everyone around them.

As for Vivian, she tried her best to ignore the stares and followed Finnick closely as they entered the villa.

Inside, the dining hall where the party was held was huge. Its decorations were luxurious yet tasteful. While Finnick led Vivian to the main table, she could see Fabian and Ashley from afar.

Fabian was dressed in a tapered grey suit and looked dashing in it. Meanwhile, Ashley wore a bright yellow full-length dress which made her looked like a blooming flower.

“Hey, Finnick, you’re here!”

The first to see Finnick and Vivian was a man who sat beside Fabian. He appeared close to fifty years old and had well-defined features. However, his eyes looked as if they had seen too much which made one feel uncomfortable.

Immediately, Vivian could guess that he must be Mark, Finnick’s brother and also Fabian’s father.

Mark quickly shifted his attention to Vivian and smiled knowingly at her. “This must be Ms. William. I’ve heard a lot about you. Come, please have a seat.”

After Vivian settled down together with Finnick at the table, he began to introduce everyone there to her after which she greeted them one by one.

The first was obviously his grandfather, the elder Mr. Norton. Although Vivian had met him before, she didn’t leave a good impression then. Hence, she knew had to do better this time.

The elder Mr. Norton snorted in response and hardly said a word.

Next, Finnick introduced her to Mark who scrutinized Vivian from head to toe, causing her to feel uncomfortable.

After that, it was Fabian and Ashley’s turn. The moment Fabian laid eyes on Vivian, he was briefly struck by how beautiful she was. However, he quickly collected himself and maintained his frosty appearance.

As for Ashley, she was so overwhelmed by jealousy that she was unable to hide any of it from her face.

She did not expect Vivian to turn into such a beautiful swan. Vivian was so gorgeous that she had outshone Ashley who was supposed to be the party’s center of attention.

Her jealousy didn’t stop there. In fact, she was even more astounded by how dashing Finnick looked.

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