Never Late, Never Away Chapter 76

Although she was already aware of how handsome and capable Finnick was, she looked down upon him due to the fact he was a cripple.

But now, when she saw him with her own eyes, she finally realized just what an exceptional man he was.

All along, she always assumed that Fabian was the most extraordinary man she had met. But compared to Finnick, Fabian was relegated to just being ordinary.

Despite being dressed in a simple black suit, Finnick emanated a unique vibe. One could feel the gravitas he possessed and the humility he carried. Beneath all that, was a hint of elegance and a touch of sexiness.

Ashley was stupefied as she looked him.

If not for the fact that Finnick was sitting in the wheelchair, Ashley would have felt that her efforts in finally getting together with Fabian were all for naught.

Once the introductions were completed, the servants proceeded to serve dinner.

Despite being tempted by all the tantalizing dishes in front of her, Vivian kept herself in check and just took whatever dishes that were nearest to her.

Noticing Vivian’s restraint, Finnick picked out her favorites and placed them on her plate.

Even though this was a small action, it sent an emotional shockwave to most people sitting around the table.

The elder Mr. Norton was so surprised that the look he gave Vivian changed after that.

As for Mark, his expression darkened but no one knew what was going through his mind.

Finally, Fabian was the one who was most agitated.

When he saw how lovey-dovey Finnick and Vivian were, he could feel the fury within him burn like a raging inferno.

As his eyes flashed with anger, he suddenly sneered, “It looks like Uncle Finnick loves to pamper Aunt Vivian.”

Vivian’s hand froze the moment she heard his words.

What is Fabian up to now?

Finnick casually gave Fabian the side-eye. “What’s wrong with me pampering my wife?”

In response, Fabian’s eyes burned with greater intensity. The next time he spoke, his tone became visibly sarcastic. “There’s nothing wrong with pampering her. I’m just afraid Aunt Vivian’s character does not deserve this treatment.”

His words were just like lobbing a grenade to the center of the table. Everyone at the main table turned silent as their expressions turned grim.

Vivian herself was pale in shock.

As for Finnick, his expression couldn’t be more frosty. “Fabian, what are you trying to insinuate?”

“I’m not trying to insinuate anything.” Fabian mood appeared to improve when he saw that he had managed to infuriate Finnick. “It’s just that I happen to study in the same university as Aunt Vivian. Hence, I know a thing or two about what she did during those days.”

When he heard Fabian trying to keep everyone in suspense, the elder Mr. Norton was the first to lose his patience.

Slamming his cutlery onto the table, he demanded, “If you have something to say, spit it out. Don’t keep going in circles. You’re just annoying the hell out of me.”

Prior to this, Vivian had heard that the elder Mr. Norton was a soldier who did a lot for the country. After he left the army, he went into business. Armed with wisdom and tactfulness when doing business, he quickly gained a foothold in Sunshine City.

In spite of that, he was still a soldier at heart. Therefore, he didn’t like to sweat the small details and hated it when anyone tried to be sneaky.

Fabian turned pale when he was admonished by his grandfather, so he quickly added, “Grandpa, based on what I know, Vivian sold her dignity when she was studying. Therefore, I don’t think someone with such questionable character deserves to be a member of the Norton family.”

The last bit of color left Vivian’s face when she heard Fabian’s words.

She neither tried to give any explanation nor was she angry. All she did was glare at Fabian who was sitting opposite her.

Once he was done speaking, Fabian felt the fire raging within him a moment ago had dissipated. Right when he wanted to gloat at Vivian, he didn’t expect to see an ashen face and a pair of glistening eyes glaring at him.

What’s with that look?

One might say it was a look of admonishment but in truth it was more of disbelief.

At that moment, he felt her gaze pierce through his heart just like a needle, stunning him.

In a blink of an eye, he immediately regretted his impulsive actions. Just when he was about to say something, he heard someone from the next table exclaim in shock.

“My God! What is that?”

As the loud scream shifted everyone’s attention away, they raised their heads and suddenly saw a large screen light up in front of them.

What was even more shocking was what was showing on the screen.

There were a few pictures that were playing on a slideshow.

When she saw those pictures, Vivian froze as if she had been struck by lightning.

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