Never Late, Never Away Chapter 77

They were all pictures of her.

In the pictures, her face was drunk red, her hair messy and her clothes were strewn all over. She was lying in a provocative position with an arousing expression on her face.

Although there wasn’t any part of her body exposed, her flushed red face and steamy expression were telling enough that everyone could see what was going on.

Vivian could recognize these pictures instantly.

They were taken two years ago and were the same ones Fabian questioned her about.

She immediately turned her head and glared at Fabian. Her gaze was no longer one of disbelief. Instead, it had turned into deep-seated hatred.

She knew Fabian hated her because he wrongly believed that she had betrayed him then. That was why he brought up her history during dinner in front of the Norton family. He simply wanted vengeance.

However, she could have never expected him to expose the pictures, let alone played them for everyone to see.

He just wanted to destroy me!

Even if I really betrayed him then, there was no need to go to such lengths.

As for Fabian, the shock he was experiencing was no lesser than that of Vivian.

He did bring up Vivian’s disgraceful history but it never crossed his mind to do it in this manner.

To do so would be too despicable and cruel, even for him.

Therefore, he didn’t know how those pictures were being played on the screen.

In the midst of his panic, his reflex was to explain himself to Vivian. But when he looked at her, his eyes were met with a gaze filled with animosity.

In a blink of an eye, he felt as if his world had collapsed.

He never expected that a woman he had loved so deeply before would one day look at him with overwhelming hatred.

Equally shocked were all the other guests present.

There were many guests at the party. Other than the members of the Norton family, there were many others who were relatives and business associates. Therefore, the whole hall was filled with guests.

When everyone saw the pictures, they were stupefied.

Although they were well brought up members of high society, human nature was naturally nosy. Hence, all of them couldn’t help but gossip softly.

“My God! What’s happening? Why are such pictures shown during the Norton family’s dinner party?”

“Are you stupid? Can’t you see the lady in the picture is Mr. Norton’s new wife?”

“Oh! It really is her! When were these pictures taken? I don’t think they were taken by Finnick. Could it have been another man instead?”

“This is utterly disgraceful. I think the girl is going to be kicked out of the Norton family.”

As most of the guests were respected members of society, no one said anything that was extreme. Nevertheless, they couldn’t help gloat at the Norton family’s misery and comment in a mocking manner.

When Vivian heard the guests’ remarks, her face paled further. She clenched her fist so tightly under the table that it felt like she was going to punch her fingers through her palms.

As for Finnick, his temper finally flared the moment he saw the pictures.

Damn it!

How dare anyone touch my woman in front of me.

The main table wasn’t far from where the control panel was. Without giving it any thought, Finnick picked up the steak knife and stabbed it through the control switch of the screen.


In a blink of an eye, the screen turned dark.

No one expected Finnick to react that way. Shocked by how he responded, everyone stopped gossiping.

The next moment, there was complete silence across the room.

No one dared to utter a single word as they looked towards the elder Mr. Norton. They were all curious as to how he was going to react.

“Ahem.” Despite being someone that had gone through a lot in life, he was still appalled by what he saw. However, he managed to regain his composure quickly. Turning his attention towards Finnick, he sneered, “Finnick, is this true?”

Finnick didn’t answer his grandfather’s question immediately. In fact, his attention wasn’t even on the elder Mr. Norton but his gaze fell upon Vivian instead.

When he saw her shockingly pale expression, his eyes turned icy cold.

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