Never Late, Never Away Chapter 78

“Finnick!” When Finnick didn’t answer him, the elder Mr. Norton was infuriated. He stamped his walking stick on the floor and glowered. “I’m asking you a question!”

Only then did Finnick turned to face him with a cold expression. “If I tell you that it’s fake, will you believe me?”

As the elder Mr. Norton was his grandfather, Finnick remained respectful but didn’t fear him at all.

The elder Mr. Norton was so infuriated that wrinkles filled his face. “Finnick! Do you really think that a woman with such low moral standards can be a part of the Norton family?”

The elder Mr. Norton’s words send a shockwave through the room.

His statement couldn’t have been clearer. He was denouncing Vivian’s place as a daughter-in-law of the Norton family outright.

Vivian’s body couldn’t help but tremble in response.

For some reason, she felt as if her heart was smashed when she heard what the elder Mr. Norton said.

Initially, the main reason she got married was so that she could have her name registered in Sunshine City. Since it’s now done, I shouldn’t care much whether the marriage lasts?

However, for some inexplicable reason, the thought of divorcing Finnic and not being able to return to his villa, or even growing distant from each other caused a sense of disappointment in her.

When he noticed the change in Vivian’s expression, the only thing Finnick felt was his heart squeezing tightly onto itself.

Without any hesitation, he grabbed Vivian’s clenched hands under the table.

Amidst the elder Mr. Norton’s wrath, everyone present was frightened and kept quiet. However, there was only one person who was desperately trying to keep her head down. She didn’t want anyone to notice that she was gleefully gloating.

That person was no other than Ashley. She was the mastermind behind those pictures.

When she heard Fabian wanted to expose Vivian’s true colors during the party, Ashley was thrilled but felt he didn’t go far enough.

Since they were going to harm Vivian, they might as go all out. She wanted to destroy Vivian’s reputation to the extent that she would not dare to show her face in the high society of the city.

Therefore, she secretly bribed the Norton family’s servant to broadcast the photos she had so that everyone could see the darkest side of Vivian.

That way, even if Vivian and Finnick divorced, Fabian would never get back with her given how egoistic he was.

While Ashley was counting her chickens before they hatched and waiting for the Norton family to kicked Vivian out, she did not anticipate what Finnick was about to say. He was going to wipe that smirk of hers off her face.

“Grandpa, you are right. Perhaps, Vivian does not deserve to be a member of the Norton family.” When Finnick finished the first part of his sentence, Vivian’s face turned further pale. However, he quickly added, “But, my wife doesn’t need the acknowledgment of the Norton family.”

Looking up in disbelief, Vivian’s eyes met Finnick’s gaze.

Within the calmness in those eyes, she could see the determination behind it. The warmth in his hand permeated through her skin gradually, as if it would melt the coldness in her heart.

Suddenly, Vivian could feel a burning sensation in her nose.

Even the elder Mr. Norton was stunned. Meanwhile, Mark could no longer hold back his anger and reprimanded, “Finnick, how can you speak to Grandpa like that? After marrying such a loose girl and disgracing our family, you still refuse to repent!”

Only then did Finnick shift his attention away from Vivian and gazed coldly at Mark.

Despite just being a glance, it was more than enough to send a shiver down Mark’s spine.

“Mark,” Finnick called out to him in an icy tone. “Don’t throw wild accusations at my wife.”

Mark’s face turned pale and was about to say something when elder Mr. Norton cleared his throat abruptly.

At that moment, Mark held his tongue and looked towards his grandfather.

“This matter requires further investigation. After all, she is Finnick’s lawfully wedded wife,” elder Mr. Norton remarked with a tone that was hard to discern. “Do not let the comments of unscrupulous people trigger a feud among us.”

Vivian was stunned when she heard those words.

Although she didn’t know the elder Mr. Norton well, she was aware that he had a reputation for being ruthless and cold-blooded in the city. Without such a relentless attitude, the Norton family wouldn’t have become what they are today.

Hence, she didn’t expect him to be so reasonable. I have disgraced the Norton family and yet he is not holding me accountable?

Both Mark and Finnick were also caught by surprise by their grandfather’s reaction. Since Grandpa always had the say, both of them didn’t dare say anything further.

The only person who was most upset with the turn of events was Ashley.

Her eyes widened in astonishment as she couldn’t believe her ears.

She had assumed she could annihilate Vivian this time and shatter her reputation. Unexpectedly, none of her desired outcomes came about.

Finnick didn’t mind Vivian’s history while the elder Mr. Norton chose not to press the matter.

What is going on?

Peeved with the outcome, Ashley let her tongue loose without thinking. “Great Grandpa, these aren’t just baseless speculations. They’re the truth…”

Before Ashley could finish, the elder Mr. Norton turned and glared fiercely in her direction. Ashley was seized by fear and rendered speechless.

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