Never Late, Never Away Chapter 79

“Who is this ignorant girl and where does she come from?” the elder Mr. Norton reprimanded her sternly, “Know your place! You are not qualified to address me as Great Grandpa as you have yet to marry into the Norton family. Hence, stop commenting about our family matters.”

Ashley was dumbfounded after being admonished and regretted her impulsive decision to speak out.

She had not expected that the scheme she painstakingly put in place didn’t hurt Vivian at all. Instead, she ended up leaving a bad impression on the elder Mr. Norton.

That very instant, she didn’t dare utter another word. All she did was keep her head down as her teeth dug into her lower lip.

Why? Why did he do that?

Why is Vivian always so lucky to escape whatever I throw at her? I just can’t beat her!

When the next dish was served, everyone ate in silence.

After dinner was finally finished, everyone proceeded to a hall in the next room to dance.

As the band performed on stage, melodious music filled the room. There were a lot of couples dancing in each other’s arms. Amidst the music, waiters weaved in and out of the crowd serving champagne and wine. The guests who didn’t dance crowded together and chatted merrily.

The scene looked like what she had always seen on TV. However, Vivian had the niggling feeling that she didn’t fit it. Standing behind Finnick’s wheelchair, she could sense the occasional condescending stare and mocking gazes.

“Finnick.” Vivian was watching Ashley and Fabian dancing in the center of the room and how they captured everyone’s attention. It simply made her feel awkward. “Shall we go home now?”

After all, they couldn’t dance and there was nothing much left to do.

“We will be staying the night here,” Finnick replied without hesitation.

Despite feeling perplexed, Vivian nodded without protest.

“What’s wrong? Are you not feeling comfortable?” Finnick’s eyes darkened. “Is it because of what happened just now?”

Vivian was caught off guard and didn’t know how to respond. “I’m fine with it. When that incident happened two years ago, I had endured much worse than this in comparison. I-I’m just worried that you wouldn’t be happy staying here,” Vivian answered sincerely.

Finnick was her husband. From an outsider’s perspective, they might misconstrue that she had cheated on him. For a man, this was extremely damaging to his ego.

Vivian really didn’t want Finnick, who had an exceptional reputation, to end up becoming a laughing stock because of her.

Surprised by Vivian’s answer, Finnick gave it some thought. He then turned his wheelchair in Vivian’s direction. When he saw her nervous and awkward expression, his heart couldn’t help but melt.

“Vivian William,” he suddenly asked, “would you like to dance?”

“Dance?” Vivian was stunned. “With whom?”

Given Finnick was in the wheelchair, he definitely couldn’t dance. However, other than him, she didn’t know anyone else there.

When he saw Vivian’s puzzled expression, Finnick smiled unwittingly.

“With me,” he quipped and grabbed Vivian’s hand out of the blue.

With him?

Vivian became even more confused. Before she could react, Finnick was already rolling his wheelchair to the center of the hall with Vivian in tow.

Being pulled along, Vivian followed him in acquiescence.

“Finnick?” Vivian was stunned. “What are you doing?”

“Dancing.” Finnick’s usually indifferent gaze was now filled with glee. “Didn’t you say that you made an effort to learn the dance steps? Do you still remember them?”

Only then did Vivian comprehend that Finnick wanted to dance with her.

She blushed at his question. “I… I just spoke without thinking. I can’t even follow the rhythm properly.”

Finnick’s grin widened. “Is that so? That will only make things easier.”

Vivian was surprised. Before she could ask why, Finnick held her hand and gave it a forceful tug.

The next moment, Vivian lost her balance and fell into Finnick’s arms.

“Finnick! What are you…” She panicked and scrambled to stand back up. However, Finnick hugged her waist so tightly that she was unable to move at all.

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