Never Late, Never Away Chapter 80

“Hang on tight.” Finnick lowered his gaze at her and beamed. “We are dancing!”

Just as he spoke, Finnick moved his wheelchair along with the music, gently rocking back and forth to its rhythm.

As for Vivian, she leaned into his embrace as both of them rolled together under the bright lights and gaping stares of the guests.

She was mesmerized by the moment.

Staring at Finnick’s handsome face, she couldn’t find a single flaw on his chiseled features. His usually cold gaze was now draped in gentleness. It caused his expression to sparkle just like a sparkling.

This handsome man is actually my husband.

As Finnick’s wheelchair gently swayed to the music, all the other guests gawked in astonishment. Even Ashley who was the center of attention a moment ago couldn’t help but stop to watch.

“Dancing in a wheelchair?” she exclaimed. But, jealousy soon filled her eyes as she sneered, “A cripple will always be a cripple. That’s the sad reality.”

Ashley had planned to mock Finnick and Vivian. But when she saw how exceptionally dashing Finnick was and how he gracefully waltzed his wheelchair to the music, she suddenly felt her mockery had lost all its basis.

Furthermore, she wasn’t alone. All the other watching guests who were astonished at first were now filled with envy.

“My God! This is the first time I see someone emit so much charm dancing in a wheelchair.”

“I’m really envious of that girl called Vivian for how much her husband loves her. Furthermore, he is such a romantic and a capable man too.”

“That’s the second son of the Norton family for you.” A few elderly guests recollected what happened a long time ago. With a regretful tone in their voice, they remarked, “He was such an exceptional child since he was young. If only the kidnapping didn’t happen. Sigh.”

Meanwhile, Vivian, who was sitting on Finnick’s lap, could faintly hear the remarks of the other guests though she couldn’t make out what they were saying. Not able to resist, she looked towards them.

Without any hesitation, Finnick raised his hands and held onto her chin to stop her.

“Do you care about what they say?” Finnick obviously knew fully well what was on Vivian’s mind.

Vivian smiled awkwardly in return.

“You shouldn’t,” Finnick murmured. After letting go of her chin, he gently caressed her. “All you need to do is to relish this current moment.”

Finnick’s voice deepened and seemed to have some devilish charm in it. Completely bewitched, Vivian nodded obediently. Reaching her hands around his neck, she swayed her body gently to match his movements.

When he saw Vivian moving along with him, Finnick’s grin widened faintly.

Meanwhile, at the staircase on the second floor.

The elder Mr. Norton was standing there, looking down upon the dancefloor and taking in everything that had happened.

When he watched Vivian and Finnick rolling around the dancefloor, he clearly saw her laughing joyously and the beam on Finnick’s face. The scene caused his lips to widen slightly.

It’s been a long time since I saw that child smile.

“Mr. Norton.” At that moment, an old butler approached. “It’s almost time. Do you want me to usher the guests out and arrange for Finnick and Mrs. Norton accommodation?”

“Mmm, it’s about time.” Regaining his senses, the elder Mr. Norton nodded. “By the way, please get Vivian to see me in my study.”

Just as he spoke, the elder Mr. Norton turned and headed there.

Finally, the ball started to wind down. The star of the night didn’t turn out to be Ashley who was supposedly the guest of honor. Instead, it was Vivian who sat on Finnick’s lap the whole night.

When the final song was done, Vivian stood up. While she was still blushing, she saw an elderly-looking butler approach her. He politely informed her, “Mrs. Norton, the elder Mr. Norton wants to see you in the study.”

Vivian was shocked.

What does the elder Mr. Norton want with me?

Is it because of the pictures just now?

When she recalled how sharp the elder Mr. Norton’s gaze was, Vivian couldn’t help but feel nervous and looked towards Finnick subconsciously.

However, Finnick nodded lightly at her. “Don’t worry, although Grandpa is an eccentric, he isn’t an unreasonable man.”

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