Never Late, Never Away Chapter 82

Looking at the elderly Mr. Norton in front of her, Vivian suddenly realized he was no longer the ruthless and powerful head of the Norton family. Instead, he seemed to be an ordinary old man who just wanted his grandson to be happy.

“But,” He added abruptly in a serious tone. “Don’t forget what your greatest responsibility is.”

By now, Vivian was lost and could hardly follow his train of thought. “What responsibility?”

“Help him continue his legacy, of course.” the old man glared at Vivian with his eyes widened as if he was angry at her ignorance. “Look, Mark’s children are already so big but Finnick has yet to have any despite his age.”

Vivian almost choked on her own saliva.

After beating around the bush, he just wants to remind me about having children with Finnick?

Although Finnick and Mark were brothers, their age gap was quite big. Mark was almost fifty while Finnick hadn’t even reached thirty yet.

Nevertheless, it was common in reputable families to marry early and have many children by the time they were thirty.

Vivian felt so awkward that she was lost for words. However, the elder Mr. Norton squinted his eyes and murmured, “Girl, don’t think I’m not aware of the fact that you and Finnick have not consummated your marriage.”

By now, Vivian felt utterly embarrassed.

How did he even find out about this?

“Girl, tell me the truth.” His eyes suddenly flashed as he asked hesitantly. “Finnick… does he have trouble getting it up?”

Vivian had not recovered from the earlier shock. After hearing the elder Mr. Norton’s question, her face blushed like a tomato.

Wh-what? What kind of a grandfather is this? Isn’t he being too intrusive?

When Vivian didn’t respond, he became more desperate and probed further, “I’m sure you are aware of what happened ten years ago, which caused Finnick to lose control of his legs. Since then, I have always been worried about the state of his ‘vitality’ in that aspect. All this while, I wanted to get a doctor to help him but he has always refused me. That’s why I’m so concerned.”

When Vivian saw how worried he was, her heart couldn’t help but soften.

It appeared that Finnick had even hidden the truth about his legs from his grandfather. That’s why he was so frustrated.

As Vivian couldn’t bear to see him worry, she gritted her teeth and thickened her skin, “I-I think Finnick d-doesn’t have any problems with that.”

Mr. Norton was surprised. “How do you know?”

“That? Although we have yet to consummate our marriage, we do live together.” By now, Vivian just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. “There are times when… you know. I can… erm… see his ‘reaction’?”

Vivian could feel her cheeks burning.

Anyway, she was telling the truth as she was absolutely sure there was nothing wrong with Finnick.

Putting aside the sightings of his morning wood, there were a few other occasions when she ‘personally’ felt his ‘vitality’. Once was when they had a close call and another time was when she walked out of the bathroom.

Ahem, to be honest, it was more than doing just alright. In fact, it looks to be really ‘powerful’?

The elder Mr. Norton was puzzled for a brief moment before quickly getting what Vivian was hinting at. His face lit up in joy. “Really? Haha, that’s wonderful news. Really wonderful!”

He was so excited that he jumped up from his chair and waved his walking stick in the air. “Since he is doing fine, what else are you people waiting for?”

Vivian was dumbfounded. All she could manage to say was, “Erm, we don’t really know each other well enough yet since we just met.”

“What f***ing nonsense is that?” he swore as he became worked up. “My wife and I were part of an arranged marriage and yet we slept with each other the very first night of the wedding. Aren’t you younger ones supposed to be more liberal? Why are you being more rigid than us?”

By now, Vivian was blushing like a tomato. In the meantime, the old man wielded his walking stick in the air and ordered, “Ms. William, I am not someone that’s unreasonable. I know what you have been through wasn’t your fault and I don’t blame you for it. However, I now need you to give your best. Time waits for no man. So, both of you will consummate your marriage in the villa tonight!”

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